Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thought I would post some pictures from this weekend - I had so many I wanted to post so I tried to do a slide show - I think you can click on the pictures and just see them if its going to slow or anything. I really don't know, this is the first slide show I've done on here. Friday night, we took the girls to Boo in the Zoo. Isabella went as - what I told her was - an Asian Princess. People kept asking where I got her little "costume", but this little outfit was mine when I was her age. My dad got it in Japan and my mom has saved it all these years. I was excited that it fit Isabella this year. It was so thin, so I got some pretty red asian looking material and put it underneath. She looked so cute and loves dressing up!!! Amelia was a little bumblebee and an adorable one at that. This is the same outfit we had gotten Isabella her first year. I didn't get as many cute pictures of her because she was sleeping and I had to wake her up just to get her dressed and leave, but I'm planning on dressing her up again -- so I'll try to do a little photo shoot then. Isabella loved Boo in the Zoo this year. She kept talking about all the costumes she saw - "Look, Cookie Monster.... Loo0000k, a butterfly...." She was so cute and then she would walk up to the tables and say "Treat please" and then look around like they should have been giving her more. :) Then Saturday, we went apple picking (barely any left) and to the pumpkin farm with our friends, Randy and Andrea and their little girl, Makenna. Isabella and Makenna are only 1 month apart in age and they are such cute little friends. We had actually all gone up there to meet with a group for families adopting across cultures - but it was more of a "lets get together, see whose here and then do your own thing" than a "lets get to know new people" kind of thing. We all had fun though and we got a couple cute pictures to boot!


Michelle said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend! They both look adorable in their costumes - how neat that dress was yours from Japan!! We have a Zoo Boo this weekend we'll be going to.

1girl2boys said...

Great pictures, I love these slide shows. Those girls are just so adorable!