Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I've been tagged!!!

I have never been tagged before, but Barbara H over at Stray Thoughts has tagged me with a four word Meme. It is where one person tags a others to give their definitions or what comes to mind for 4 particular words, then that person tags other people with 4 different words, etc. She called it "Do You Know What I Meme?" :) The words she gave me were Boggle, Images, Wheels, Bible. So heres the first things that come to my mind. (I have also decided to ask Isabella what she thinks and her responses will be under them in purple

Boggle: The game! I don't own this game, but I love it! I've always been into word games, well other than crossword puzzles, they drive me nuts. Now I feel like I need to go buy the game Boggle -- do they still make it?

Boggle -- She wiggles her head around and says "Like that" (Oh, how I wish you could have seen her little bobbling head she did when I asked her what she thought Boggle meant, I'm not sure if she actually remembers the bobble head that daddy has at work or if this was totally made up -- most likely the latter)

Images: Since I am such a camera hound, this obviously makes me think of the gazillion pictures I have stored on my computer that I have yet to have printed out. And just thinking of all the precious memories that a simple image can bring!

Images-- "Running" - No wait - "Crying" - No wait - "Bagel" - No wait - "What is it, Mommy?" :)

Wheels -- Those things that we need on our car, they always need replaced at the worst times, always cost us too much money, and the thing that we ended up with a huge bolt (yes bolt, not nail) stuck in a couple months ago!

Wheels -- "wheels go, round, round, round" (From the Wheels on the Bus song)

Bible: The most important book, God's Word, our true source of encouragement and direction. Also the first song Isabella learned to sing (at least yelling out BIBLE at the end)

Bible -- "for the Bible tells me so, little ones Him belong, they are weak, He is STRONG, Yes Jesus Loves Me....... (wish you could see the face she gives when she says STRONG!)

Ok - so I am going to tag my friends
Becky and Kris (didn't put a link to yours, wasn't sure if you would want me to. :) , and my cousins Melva and Sheryl and IF they want to play along, their words will be Ball, Heart, Sheep, Sister -- Ok and before you think I'm totally weird for picking those words, this is how I did it -- I asked Isabella these questions "What's your favorite toy?, What's your favorite treat? (thinking she would say ice cream, instead she said heart) What's your favorite animal? (Why she said sheep I have NO idea) and Who is one of your favorite people? (to which she responded A-mia, her knew nickname for Amelia)


Barbara H. said...

Great job!! I loved seeing Isabella's answers, too!

Boggle is one of my favorite games, but I am the only one in my family who seems to like it (maybe it has to do with being the only female? I don't know. We're supposedly more verbal, and I love most word games). We bought a computer variation some years back, so now I can play against the computer. It has a neat variation called "Battle Boggle" where a player places one letter at a time and then makes all the words he or she can find, then the next player does the same, till all the cubes are on the board.

My kids loved the "Wheels on the Bus" song when they were younger, too.

Thanks for playing! :)

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

melva said...

I think that I like Isabella's answers better than yours. :)
And I will play along. You can still buy boggle. We have it but no one will play it with me. Cody thinks that I cheat and when I play with him I don't even use 3 letter words and I let him.

Tracey said...

Just wanted to say that your girls are so beautiful! And congratulations on your baby's adoption finalization!

Becky said...

What fun! Isabella's answers were hilarious! I'll have to get Emma to help me with mine. Question: when you tag someone else, you get to pick the words?

Kris said...

Ok, I'm in!
Ball: The one toy in my classroom that can make dear Najee collapse into hysterical laughter. All I have to do is bounce it on the floor and she absolutely cracks up. This was also our "sign of the month" for the month of September. Next time I see Isabella, I will teach it to her.
Heart: I think of Valentine's Day--one of my favorite holidays. Don't know why, mind you, because I've never had a keeper of a valentine, but I guess it's the pink, flowers, red, chocolate, that gets me every time.
Sheep: Makes me think of my lifelong desire to become a good knitter. *sigh* . . . maybe some day.
Sister: My best friends, my #1 encouragers, the ones who see the best in me, the ones who know me the best.

Kris said...

Did I do that right? Now, do I tag you back with some new words?
Whew, take some deep breaths, Kristine. This is almost as nerve racking as a chain letter. ;) =)

Becky said...

Since Krissy posted here, I thought I'd follow in her foot steps. -odd as she may be! :o)

Ball - Well, I don't have to meditate too long on this word. The only thing that comes to my mind is a round, bouncy toy that my little Annie-fanny is infatuated with.

Heart - I'm not exactly sure where it is in the Bible, but I like this verse, "A good man out of the good treasure stored up in his heart bringeth forth that which is good" The heart is the wellspring of life.

Sheep - stinky wool, sweaters, socks and blankets.

Sister - loving, caring, laughter, a friend forever.

Becky said...

Ok, now what do we do?

Becky said...

Ohhh, we're so dorky! I think we were suppose to put it on our blogs, Kris.

DeAnna said...

Great - now everyone knows I have dorky friends!!

Becky said...

lol..I just now noticed what you wrote. We are sooo not dorky!!! -just a little confused