Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Hope you all had a Happy Memorial Day!! Kenny didn't have the day off, but he took off a little early so we could go to the park with the girls. Had to dress them all patriotic, just wish I had a head band for Amelia, little thing hasn't been pushing hard enough to get her hair to grow.

As you can tell by her face, poor Amelia is never too sure about her big sister holding her, maybe its the fact that Isabella would push her off her lap as soon as we're done if we weren't there. :)

Just Bella

Its so amazing for me to look at these pictures and realize how quickly time has flown by. Two years ago, we brought Isabella here for her first vacation - she was only 4 months old and just a little peanut. And now, somehow 2 years have flown by and here we are taking our beautiful little toddler and a 2 month old back to the same place. Sometimes I really wish time would just stand still for a little while.

Daddy's Girl

I think it pretty much started right away, but over the course of this week, it became even more clear that Amelia is going to be a Daddy's girl. She loves for him to hold her and cuddle her and she calms down for him faster than anyone else. I could be wrong, but I think Daddy is rather proud of this fact!!

Surfer Girl

Little surfer little one
Made my heart come all undone
Do you love me, do you surfer girl
Surfer girl, my little surfer girl

I have watched you on the shore
Standing by the ocean's roar
Do you love me, do you surfer girl

This picture is a little dark due to the shadows, but I couldn't resist taking it. We had just gotten to the beach and she went over and grabbed it and said "Ride board" and went heading down to the beach like she knew exactly what to do.

My girls

Among the world's most treasured gifts, Among it's most precious pearls, God smiles upon the earth, And gives us little girls!


Here's a picture of the whole family at the beach. It was a good idea, but we were crazy enough to wait until the last evening to take this, got all dressed and ready and went down to the beach on the only day that the wind was blowing like crazy --- and for my brother the only day that the waves were "surfable". Maybe not a blow up and frame type of picture, but a pretty good picture nonetheless. Maybe next year we'll try to go a couple days earlier.

Monday, May 29, 2006

More Vacation pics

Just more pics from vacation - Isabella and daddy playing in the sand, Isabella & Garrett with Papa feeding the turtles and looking for the alligator and then the other two are of us with Isabella at the Harbour Town lighthouse -- we didn't want to take Amelia all the way to the top, so she didn't get in these pictures.


We just got back from a week long vacation at Hilton Head. We went with my family so there were 6 adults and 5 kids. We had a really nice time, but it went by way too quick. 2 years ago we had all gone to Hilton Head when Isabella was 4 months old, so it was kind of neat to take Amelia on her first vacation to the same place. I'll be posting pictures from vacation over the next couple days. Here are a few of the kids....

Drama Queens

I wanted to make my girls a couple little matching outfits for vacation and they just had to have little Drama Queen outfits because I believe they both are going to be a little "dramatic". Most of you know how Isabella loves to show off and be a little "dramatic" when it works to her advantage, but as Amelia's shirt says - she is our little miss drama. Although, in a totally different way than Isabella. Just last night Amelia was crying in the car and we finally were able to stop, get out, change her, then put her back in her seat -- she was no longer crying, but she was still doing this cute little sighing, quivering lip thing to let us know how much we hurt her feelings. It's funny now, but I think she is going to try to work us (especially her daddy) as much as she can. And as you can see with the adorable little smiles she gives us, who could resist her!!! Doesn't she have the cutest little grin?!?!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


We had Amelia dedicated at church on April 29th. It was a very sweet service. The Pastor not only mentioned that we were there to dedicate Amelia to the Lord, but he reminded us of our responsibility that we have to Him for these two precious little girls He has so graciously given us. My sister in law sang a beautiful song entitled "We're All the Same Inside". I was hoping to put a link on here that you could just click on and hear the song, but I don't know how to do that or if its even possible. If you would like to hear the song, e-mail me and I will send it to you. The post below has the words to the song as well as a picture of the girls. Not the best picture of Isabella - but it was Amelia's day, so I thought I would pick the one where she was looking. :) Oh, and here's a not so great picture of me, but at least shows off my wonderful family!

"We're All The Same Inside"

There are little ones throughout the world
With eyes not shaped like yours
Or skin that’s not a perfect match With those who live within your doors, But their smiles and pleading looks reveal
The words they can’t express,
And then you know it matters not
Because you hear your heart confess . . .

(Chorus)We’re all the same inside.
We all need loving care,
A mother and a father
Who always will be there.
All children need the love
That ever will survive,
And that’s not hard to give because
We’re all the same inside.

You would fly across the ocean wide
Into a distant land.
You’d go to any length to find
A child who’ll take you by the hand.
With a look that melts your loving heart,
They help you understand
That Someone greater than us all
Created this amazing plan.
(Repeat chorus)
So when others see your family,
That all are not the same,
It won’t mean much because you each
So proudly bear the same last name.
And the dreams that every child achieves
Will shine upon your face
Because you are a family,
All part of this great human race.
(Repeat chorus)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Long time no blog

Yes, as many of you have mentioned, it has been a long time since I have added any new pictures onto the blog. Please don't remind me, I really have been slacking on taking pictures the last few weeks. Along with things being really busy, we also had a malfunction with the digital camera/memory card and thought we had lost ALOT of pictures. Kenny had a computer guy he knows look at it and run it through a recovery program just to find out he didn't recover any of them. Then I just yesterday went onto the internet and started searching things out and found a new program called Photorescue, downloaded their Demo version to see if it would work and Praise the Lord - I was able to recover them!!! The most important pictures that we thought we had lost were pictures of Amelia with her birthmother the day she was born. Something we would have never been able to replace and something we know we cherish and hope someday Amelia will as well. All that to say ---- its been a crazy couple weeks, but I will be adding more pictures soon. Then we will be gone next week on vacation so I'm sure after vacation I will have more to add!!