Monday, May 29, 2006

Drama Queens

I wanted to make my girls a couple little matching outfits for vacation and they just had to have little Drama Queen outfits because I believe they both are going to be a little "dramatic". Most of you know how Isabella loves to show off and be a little "dramatic" when it works to her advantage, but as Amelia's shirt says - she is our little miss drama. Although, in a totally different way than Isabella. Just last night Amelia was crying in the car and we finally were able to stop, get out, change her, then put her back in her seat -- she was no longer crying, but she was still doing this cute little sighing, quivering lip thing to let us know how much we hurt her feelings. It's funny now, but I think she is going to try to work us (especially her daddy) as much as she can. And as you can see with the adorable little smiles she gives us, who could resist her!!! Doesn't she have the cutest little grin?!?!

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Julie said...

Where do u get these cute outfits