Saturday, May 20, 2006

"We're All The Same Inside"

There are little ones throughout the world
With eyes not shaped like yours
Or skin that’s not a perfect match With those who live within your doors, But their smiles and pleading looks reveal
The words they can’t express,
And then you know it matters not
Because you hear your heart confess . . .

(Chorus)We’re all the same inside.
We all need loving care,
A mother and a father
Who always will be there.
All children need the love
That ever will survive,
And that’s not hard to give because
We’re all the same inside.

You would fly across the ocean wide
Into a distant land.
You’d go to any length to find
A child who’ll take you by the hand.
With a look that melts your loving heart,
They help you understand
That Someone greater than us all
Created this amazing plan.
(Repeat chorus)
So when others see your family,
That all are not the same,
It won’t mean much because you each
So proudly bear the same last name.
And the dreams that every child achieves
Will shine upon your face
Because you are a family,
All part of this great human race.
(Repeat chorus)

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