Monday, August 20, 2007

My "baby"

This is by far my favorite picture right now! She does give the sweetest little kisses. :) And of course I love pictures of my honey with daddy's girls.
And no, this picture below is not upside down. Amelia was in her stroller and just kept looking up at me with the cutest little grins, so I had to take some pictures. I can't believe that tomorrow my baby is going to be 17 months old, is that really possible?!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Where's the camouflage when we need it?

I don't know about the rest of you, but Sundays are really hard on my girls. With church it really does mess them up, especially Amelia with her (Praise the Lord) 2 nap schedule. This Sunday is even harder because we have had a very busy last couple weeks. Almost 2 weeks ago we spent a couple days with family while they were vacationing a couple hours away. Then we got home and had VBS at our church. That ended on Friday night and Saturday morning we headed to the Lake with our friends Randy, Andrea and Makenna. We were there until Tuesday. Then Wednesday we had my cousin and her family come in and they just left this morning. Going non-stop, schedules being scattered and crazy, so today is an even crazier Sunday. Sunday morning/afternoon is especially hard because church is right during Amelia's nap time, so by the time church is out, she's hungry for lunch, but tired because she missed her nap. We decided today after church to go out to eat at a "family restaurant" -- the place was busy, Amelia was cranky, the only 2 available highchairs we realized were broken, Isabella was "rambunctious", Daddy and Mommy are tired, so are the girlies....... and everyone notices us already because we do have the cutest girls on the planet and... Oh yeah, we were the only pasty white folks in there with children darker than them. :) Quite honestly, it doesn't bother me that people notice our differences, I enjoy that God has given me the children He has and has made us a multi-racial family. Sometimes I am amazed that God chose me to stick out like a sore thumb to people because I'm kind of shy and I don't think I'm the type that tries to stand out in a crowd. And most of the time people are always nice -- even today Kenny and I said "our girls are being kind of rotten, why is everyone coming over and talking to them and mentioning how sweet and pretty they are?" :) Really it was quite comical, crying children, mommy and daddy taking turns eating so one of us can hold Amelia...."Do you want this Amelia? No, this?....." "What do you want? "If I had a cookie I would give it to you", "Isabella, please sit down" "Eat your food" "Thank you for announcing to the whole restaurant that you have to go POO POO" And in the midst of this, honestly, we had at least 6 different people come and talk to the girls, most of them worked there, but its not like they were all our waitress. So as we were leaving Kenny and I decided we needed a camouflage -- a magic button to make us not pasty white so then maybe on days like today we wouldn't be noticable. Oh, who am I kidding..... we still have the cutest girls on the planet, no one is looking at daddy and mommy anyway. :)