Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Little Black Bella

Isabella has decided to inform me that she is black. I know, it kind of surprised me too! :) While she was watching Sesame Street she said "Elmo's red, Grover Blue, Big Bird's Yellow..... Bella's Black" At first I thought, Hmmm, where did she hear that? Even with Amelia being our little brown sugar, I wasn't sure where she would have gotten that idea. And quite honestly, Isabella doesn't notice skin color - yet. And just so I don't give anyone a wrong idea- no I'm not saying we are teaching her to be "color blind", she just happens to be 2 1/2 and will still look at pictures of a baby -- lets say my baby pictures for instance where you see a pasty white baby with blue eyes -- and still say its baby sister. :) Then I thought well, maybe she is noticing the difference of skin color and thought I would say "No, you're not black you are..... light brown with yellow undertones?!? (gotta be politically correct and get the whole hispanic/asian/caucasian in there) Then I realized she wasn't looking at skin at all - she was talking about her hair. If Elmo is red because his "hair" is red, Isabella is black because her hair is black. So I guess I need to inform all of you that everyone in this house is either dark brown or black. :)


Michelle said...

It's interesting the things kids notice and what they say in their innocence!

melva said...

Then I guess everyone in my house would be yellow and grayish yellow. Even though I try to hide the gray. That is so cute though!

stephanie garcia said...

So cute! Our five-year old thinks that she and Mommy are matching "peach" - Daddy and Sissy (Isabel) are matching "brown" - and Owen needs a brother or sister to "match!"