Thursday, October 26, 2006


I am feeling so special right now -- Ok, maybe not special, but I have been chosen by Mary at Owlhaven to be a Very Interesting Person because I am ..... talented? beautiful? ..... No, because I am a scar face! :) She had written about her own scar last week and asked if anyone else had an interesting scar story to post it and she would pick the most interesting. Well, shouldn't you know it, no one else had a story where a cat attached to their face. I am so privileged --- wait, I shouldn't be excited about this should I? Anyway, here's her post just in case you don't believe that I am really interesting! Here's her scar stories, where you can find my post/comment, or if I MUST, I will post it back here. While you're there look around a little - I think you'll enjoy her blog!


Cle and Sylvie said...

Ok I think my scar story may be a bit just a bit more weirder (dont worry I am not trying to steal your prize Deanna!)
I have a very small perfect circle scar on my right cheek. You almost cant even see it (it doesn't really show up in pictures) anyway, when I was about 10 I dont know what I was thinking but I got a hold of one of those small perfume sample vials and I was calling myself playing scientist. I put the vial on lightbulb and for some weird reason that I dont even know of 20 years later, I stuck the vial on my cheek and it burned me! To this day my mom asks me why I did it and I have no idea why!

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations on the prize and the distinction! I never noticed you had a scar, though!

I don't have any exciting scar stories --just one from chicken pox and 2 from surgeries. When I had half my thyroid gland taken out and came home with staples in my neck, I really felt like the Bride of Frankenstein. Thankfully that scar doesn't show much.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Becky said...

Very funny! I'm trying to think of where your scar is. I haven't noticed it either. But hey! congratulations on your honor! That is something to be proud of, for sure! :o)

DeAnna said...

Oh my - to Sylvie, that does sound even weirder. :) I don't think kids ever have a reason for doing crazy things like that.

And for Barbara and Becky, you are very kind to say you've never noticed my scar, but now if I see either of you, I know that you will be looking for it. Actually, if I am smiling, you can't notice it as much because it kind of stretches out - so I will just have to keep a silly grin on my face. :)