Thursday, June 07, 2007

Update on my aunt

Please continue to pray. Right now, the doctors are thinking that my aunt may have congestive heart failure -- which is a common side effect of chemotherapy (I didn't know this.) They are still running some tests to find out for sure, but they are thinking this is most likely. The stuff on her chest has spread, last week it was 6 inches and this week it was 12 inches. I'm not sure what this means, I don't think they are yet either. I think the drs are coming in today to check that out. There was some mention of it being a side effect of medicine or something like that. So we will find out (hopefully) today if this is the cancer that has spread that quickly or something else. I'm sorry I'm so vague, we don't know a lot right now. Hopefully my dad will hear today from one of his other sisters more information. Please pray obviously for my aunt in general, I know she is in alot of pain, I know they have her on medicine, but I'm not sure how much this helps. Please pray for God's peace and that her spirits will be lifted instead of discouraged-- I know it has to be so discouraging to not know what is going on, and to have to be living in pain. Please pray for wisdom for the drs to know how to diagnose and handle everything. And also pray for my other aunts and cousins as they are up there with her and are having to deal with things first hand. I know that it has to be really hard on them to see her in pain and not know exactly what is going on.


melva said...

I thought that I would help you on your update. The dr thinks that the spot on her chest that increased the size of that tumor is a bacterial infection. They did a swab test, but we are not sure of the results. Nunu is taking an antibiotic right now for that. They also said that if she does have CHF that they will not give her the chemo treatment this week, that they will give her a break. But she did get up and walk once around the floor today and she seems to be eating a little better. But that is because mom keeps fussing at her to eat and drink. That spot on her chest is still oozing and it is still bleeding. I will try to keep you updated. I try to go to the hospital after work everyday.

DeAnna said...

Melva, Thanks for the update. Everything I say is obviously just hear say from my dad, from your mom..... so I was a little confused at what all was going on. I hate to think of all the stuff she has already gone through. I was so encouraged to hear that the tumor had shrunk and now all of this. I hope you, Sheryl, your mom, etc. are holding up ok. And I have lots of people here praying!