Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Please Pray

I just wanted to come and ask for prayer for my aunt Norma (Nunu to Isabella). Those of you who are closest to me already know that my aunt has been fighting breast cancer for some time now and I know that you are already praying for her. I have mentioned my aunt on here before, but I haven't asked for prayer on here much, not because I don't covet prayers, but just because I know she (as well as other family members/friends we are praying for) read the blog and I don't want them to feel as if every other post is about them and embarass them. Anyway, I just got a call from my mom and she said that Dad got a call that my aunt has been taken to the hospital. The type of cancer she has is inflammatory breast cancer, its very aggressive and she has been undergoing different types of chemotherapy for a long time now. Just last week, she had gotten some good news that the tumor had shrunk some. She actually has a tumor in the breast and on the outside -- I'm not sure if I'm explaining that right but when we went up last month, Norma had this unbelievably painful looking sore (tumor) on the outside of her chest. I don't even know how to describe it to you, it wasn't just a lump it looked like a huge open wound and just looking at it made me hurt for her and it bothered me to think just how painful things must be for her. She doesn't sit around complaining about anything, but you just know that it hurts and of course going through treatment is bad enough with it wiping her out for a couple days. From what my mom said, they took her to the hospital because that tumor on her chest has gotten bigger over the last couple days. I just really covet your prayers for her now. I don't know what God's ultimate will is for her life, but I know that He is in control. And I know He answers prayer, so until He tells me otherwise I will continue to pray for healing. If earthly healing isn't His will, then He is still faithful and He is good and He loves her more than any of us here on earth love her.


5KidMom said...

You can count on prayers going up from our family out here in So Cal. Breast cancer has become a far too familiar topic lately. I pray that your aunt would be as comfortable as possible as we wait to see God's plan unfold.

Sylvie said...

I will be in prayer for your dear aunt and your whole family.