Friday, June 01, 2007

Just a few beach pics

Very few beach pictures for today, but actually I don't have alot of pictures of the girls on the beach. My mom has more so I will probably get them from her. Sitting in the wet sand making a sand castle is not the wisest time to be holding an expensive digital camera -- nor is it easy while chasing this little hula girl down the beach. :) And as it is every time we go there, we don't spend as much time on the beach as we would like. For some reason the last few days at the beach are always windy -- not your typical breeze, but the kind of windy where the sand is blowing and stinging your legs. Isabella LOVED the beach, she loved playing in the sand, destroying the sandcastles Daddy would make for her and she and Garrett loved playing in the shallow (to us), up to their waist, pools that are there when the tide is out. Amelia loved the sand and running in it -- but unless the water was just under her butt, she wanted nothing to do with it. (As evidenced in the only pool picture you will see of her -- I am not raising little fish I guess) These pictures were taken Monday morning, Kenny and I got the girls up and ready quick so we could get down to the beach. We enjoyed our time as just our little family, but that wasn't the reason we did it. Most of you know or have read how my Amelia loves her crib, naps, sleep! - so we had to be aware of her schedule. Unlike Isabella who will just get more hyper and silly when she gets tired, Amelia actually gets cranky - so by 11:30 she is ready for her nap and one of us would have to take her in. She is still taking 2 naps, so we would also split the naps duties later in the afternoon. The upside of this is that we put her in the pack and play and she's out. I'm not sure when babies typically give up their morning nap, but I'm not seeing that happen anytime soon for her.
And for my little hula girl pictures, I found this little suit/skirt set last year at TJ Maxx for $4 and I couldn't resist saving it for this year. This morning on the beach was one of those days where you realize that its not just you that think your kids are cute, but lots of other people do to. :) As Amelia was running around the beach people kept talking about how cute she looked in her little skirt and then they would pass by me and tell me how pretty she was and then one older couple stopped and said "Can we please take a picture of her?" So some couple in their 70s is showing my little hula girl to their family. :) When Isabella saw this couple taking a picture of Amelia, she came running across the beach yelling her typical welcome "What's your name?" to which this nice little old lady responded "her name is Amelia." I kind of chuckled and then explained that they were sisters. :) So here's the beginning of my beachy pictures -- I'm sure to get more from my mom of all the kids playing together. And I have another 6 days worth of photos to post. :)

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melva said...

She looks like what Cody did when he was put in water. He didn't like it either. But I blame my brother, cause he splashed Cody while he was in the pool. :) And I just love the hula outfit. Sounds like the girls had a really great time.