Monday, June 04, 2007

More Pictures

I wanted to post some more pictures from the beach.

Plus I thought I would show off my girls and show you the clothes I was sewing that kept me busy the couple weeks before our trip. I didn't really realize I had made so much for them, but I made them each 5 outfits, embroidered their name on 2 dresses. I had so much fun and one of these days they will either look back at pictures and like the outfits, or say "Aw, come on mom, did you have to dress us the same and in homemade outfits. " :) Anyway, the first pictures in pink and black, although its not the best background, but I took a picture last year of the girls on these steps (and actually in pink and black) so I did the same this year - I'm going to try and do that every year we go there. The alligator dress, I made because we see alligators down there and Isabella loves that-- but I of course had to make it look girly with the purse and pearls. And I couldn't get Amelia to stay in the picture, but not to worry, she has a matching dress as well. Then I thought I would post some pictures from the day we went to Hunting Island. We had a good day, but everything we did was "a day late and a dollar short". We got to this place that we love to eat 15 minutes after it closed, we didn't make it to the pier in time to fish because it closed .... you guessed it 15 minutes before we checked, we got to the nature center 15 minutes BEFORE it closed (at least the kids got in there) and it was such a windy day that we couldn't lay/play on the beach. The guys did get to take the kayak out on the lagoon but even that was so windy that only Kenny, my brother and my nephew Tyler went out for a long time because paddling back against the wind was pretty hard. The younger ones did get to take a quick little ride in the kayak and I think Isabella is hooked -- she's going to enjoy going out with us. Also the guys were the only ones that went up the lighthouse -- didn't realize there was an age limit on that, but due to steep steps they said they had to be so tall or at least walk all the way on there own. They might have been able to walk it but Kenny said he was so glad he didn't take Isabella because when they walked out the door up top the wind was so strong it felt like it could blow you away -- it would have really scared her. At first I felt bad thinking, "Great, we recommend this place and the day is not going like we planned and then Isabella said while on the beach, "Good summer days!" She cracks me up, where does she come up with this stuff. Anyway, here's the pics from that day.

Yes, I know the sun is in Garrett's eyes in this picture (trust me he told me :) but how could I resist, it was so cute. It was taken when we took a little walk and the kids got to see thousands of fiddler crabs.

Here's the guys at the top of the lighthouse.

There are 2 stories to go with the picture of Isabella, below. First of all, she loves to look for sea shells, of course most of the time I will point out the WHOLE pretty sea shells and she picks up broken pieces of a shell instead. Hunting Island is such a good place to find seashells, when Kenny and I went there 4 years ago, we would go out walking in the morning and each day we would find sand dollars as well as some other unusual shells. Anyway, Isabella found her "true love" shell there. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her holding it there. She didn't call it true love until we had left the beach. If you've seen Cinderella 3 you will understand why she calls it "true love". When my mom asked her who her true love was she said "My true love is my parents" How sweet and silly is that -- and she usually doesn't call us her "parents". :)

The other reason I love this picture is just my sentimental self. Four years ago this August, Kenny and I went to Hunting Island and camped for a week. We had just been through all kinds of stuff, especially that year and this was a confusing, yet sweet time for us. I remember feeling like God was taking us through trials, but that he was working in our lives. Do you guys have places like this, places that you love because of a particular way you felt while you were there, places that make you feel extra close to God or yearn for that closeness? Several of the mornings when we would walk on the beach we would see this little girl with her grandmother searching for sea shells. I said to Kenny "One day, I hope we can bring a little one back here and watch them enjoy things like this -- that little girl looks about 3 or 4..... so I guess it might not be anytime soon" And here I am, not quite 4 years later and I am bringing not just 1, but 2 precious girls back to that same place. (Granted, the little one would prefer to eat the sand/sea shells) And it definitely doesn't seem like its been 4 years. Its not the best pictures I've ever gotten of Isabella or anything, but for me to see this, its hits me and I just have to say "I hear you Lord, Thank you!"


Barbara H. said...

I love the pink and black outfits! Looks like everyone had a great time. And that last paragraph is sweet and touching. :)

The Barkers said...

The girls outfits are so adorable! I absolutely love the the second set with the green floral bottoms. You did a great job! Very sweet story at the end.

Loraena said...

Love the outfits! You must be so talented. Very cute. =)

Stilla Momma said...

Very nice! I can't sew to save my life! :) heheheheh

Glad you were able to get away for a bit and relax! Sounds like fun!

Shawnda said...

WOW! YOU sew their clothes???!!!! I've always wondered where you got their clothes! They are PRECIOUS! You are QUITE talented, my sister! You could have a serious business if you wanted to!!!

Precious pics, as always!

And I'm really sad to hear about your aunt. Thanks for sharing and praying!!!

5KidMom said...

I LOVE the picture of Isabella at the end. In fact, it is my favorite! She has such a sweet, pensive expression on her face. The story to go with it makes it even better.

I love the outfits too. I sewed for my oldest daughter a lot when she was younger. She wouldn't let menow, but I just might have to get the sewing machine out again for Grace. 8^)

NikNak said...

DeAnna, you are truly blessed with a gift to sew, those clothes look amazing. I will take everything that they outgrow for Kayden. You should start a business selling children's clothes...I am serious! The girls are cute as always!!!

I just said a prayer for your aunt...please keep us posted!

wendy said...

Their outfits are ADORABLE--just like them! Your girls are just precious!

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

Melissa said...

I LOVE the bandana pants! Please tell me how you made them. Did you have a pattern or is it simply slapping 2 bandanas together to make a leg? Please tell me!