Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This is Isabella and Briana just a few weeks before Briana (along with her family :) left to move to Ireland. I decided to post this picture because I had to tell you a cute little story about Isabella. I wrote this in an e-mail to Cindy (Briana's mommy) but I had to share it with you all as well. Two weeks ago we ran into Briana's grandma and grandpa at Panera. Well, this sparked an obsession with Isabella talking about Briana again. This is how our first conversation went:
Her: "I go see my friend, Nona"
Me: "No baby, I'm sorry we can't see Nona" (Yes I realize I should say Briana correctly back to her, but its just too cute!)
Her: "I go see Nona friend tomorrow"
Me: "No, we can't go see Nona, she lives far away now.... she had to get on a plane and move far away, but maybe one day we will go see her - Someday"
Her: "I go see Nona - Sunday!" - "Nona has baby like me!"
Me: "Yes, Briana has a baby sister like you, but we can't go see her"
After a little pause, Her (very sad): "Nona ... all gone?"
She made me want to cry with that. Then the next couple days she would be playing with her blocks and playing with Briana "Come on Nona", "Build castle Nona", "No, Nona don't touch that!" I told Kenny I wasn't sure how I was supposed to teach her to share with her imaginary friend! :)
Then today we went out to the store and as we were getting in the car Isabella pointed up and yelled "PLANE, I see plane!" I looked up and realized it was a helicopter so I proceeded to try to teach her that one "Its a helicopter"
Her: "Belicopter"
Me: "Hhh- elicopter"
Her: "Heli- copter"
Then all of a sudden she yelled "I go..... I go see NONA!" :) Poor thing thought she had solved the problem, now she could finally get on a helicopter and fly all the way to Ireland to see Briana!


kelly said...

aww :(

You could do what my cousin from Alaska and I do-- we send kid voicemails... we let them each take a turn sending messages via the computers microphone- save and attach it to our emails and the kids love it -- this would work too with youtube and videos too I guess, if your cameras have that feature... never rule out drawing pictures for each other too-- use the scanner for actual pictures or let Bella practice with the mouse and draw in the Paint program on the computer... ??

Becky said...

OH HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE! The first thing I saw when your blog came up was Isabella's dimple! :o) What a precious conversation you had with her. Poor little baby misses her friend. I know how she feels. :o)

Becky said...

Kelly, what a great idea to scan in pictures. My parents go away for half the year and they'd love to receive pictures from their grandchildren.

Kris said...

Precious. Girlfriends are the best. It's great to see Isabella gets to experience that early on in her life. =)

DeAnna said...

Scanning pictures in is a good idea. I really should be doing more of that kind of stuff for Kenny's family who is far away. ACtually I would have to send the pictures because my in laws don't have a computer. But I know they would love to get pictures from their granddaughters (well, just Isabella right now. :) It is sweet to see her make little girlfriends - although I do have to admit that about 10 minutes after this picture was taken, Isabella tried to take Briana's doll and Briana pinched her face so they had to be seperated during nap time. :)

Becky said...

lol, aww and they looked so happy! Who knew those sweet little faces could turn on each other? Too bad we couldn't make little "thought bubbles" on the picture. We could write above Isabella's head, "If I grin like this, maybe she'll be so captivated with my dimples and I can get that dolly."
And Briana, "If she smiles any bigger and goes for this doll, I'm gonna pinch those dimples." :o)

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, what a sweet picture. That's tough, trying to help your young daughter understand and process the fact that her dear friend has moved away.

melva said...

That is so sweet of Isabella thinking of her girlfriend that way. It's hard to explain to them about distance or time. Everything to Casey is Yesterday or Tomorrow. Kelly I like the idea about sending voice messages on the computer. That does seem like a good way to help keep the girls in touch.

Faith said...

How heartbreaking. Tell them to move back this instant!!!

Yolanda said...

Talk about tears- my eyes are all cloudy now what a sweet story! I hope her Nona can visit her someday.