Monday, September 25, 2006

How Tall?

This weekend we took the girls apple picking with my parents. I HOPE to be posting more pictures later -- for some reason I can't get more than one picture to post at a time and even that takes a long time, so I'll post the pictures later. BUT I wanted to post this one because today, Amelia had her 6 month doctor appointment and she was 15 pounds and 27 inches. (Daddy guessed right on for both of these!) The dr said she was around the 40th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height -- that means she is taller than 90% of baby girls her age!!! Then I was looking at this picture we took of Isabella (my poor girl who is in maybe the 10-20th percentile for her height). I put a line above her head to show how tall she is - 34-35 inches (haven't actually measured her lately) and then I put the big arrow to where Amelia's height is. I sent this to Kenny and he said "WHAT? She's only a head shorter than Isabella!" So look at that picture and imagine my little 6 month old darling standing next to her sister. I think we will end up having the reverse around here, big sister getting hand-me-downs from her little sister. Actually, it was kind of funny today because the dr was looking at things and said "Well, she's gotten even higher on the charts for her height" I laughed and he chuckled and said "Yeah, where'd that come from?" Then remembering that both of my girls are adopted he said "Oh, that's right, ..." :) So right now, Amelia is long and lean --- oh what I wouldn't give to be described that way!! And just for the record isn't my little apple picker just the cutest in this picture with her little apple vest, apple boots, apple shirt, apple hair barettes (Ok, I go a little overboard for apple picking - but Noni bought her the sweater so I'm not alone!)

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melva said...

I think that she looks "plum" adorable. And it does look like Amelia is going to be looking down at big sister.:)