Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Love Thursday

Daddy's Little Girl

She's at his knee
begging to go along
Washing the car together
and singing a silly song.
Riding on his shoulders.
Laughing on his knees.
A pair where love is mutual
And very plain to see.
So like him in a thousand ways,
from her toes to her curls
Cry your eyes out mama
She's her daddy's little girl.


DeAnna said...

I hope everyone can read the poem - for some reason blogger hates me lately and for me it is just showing the picture and maybe part of the poem.... sorry!

cnedaria said...

great picture--you really captured a great moment. I hope you have a big copy of it on the wall to cherish forever!

Michelle said...

How sweet is that!

stephanie garcia said...


amt said...

as an official daddy's girl, i thoroughly appreciate the beauty of your entry! it is a relationship like none other.

1girl2boys said...

Awwww, very beautiful!