Tuesday, August 01, 2006

First Friends

About 6 1/2 years ago, we had some people show up at our house during a blizzard (Ok, so it wasn't a blizzard - just barely over a dusting, but when it snows in the south people always act like its a blizzard) They decided rather than knocking on our door and asking us to come out to play, that it would be more fun to snowball our house!! Somehow, we still decided to be friends with them. :) They actually became very dear friends of ours who have been alot of fun to hang around as well as a great source of encouragment in our lives. Not long into our friendship we realized their love for Ireland and they were hoping to be able to go there as missionaries. Well, its one of those things you pray for - but secretly hope it will never happen. :) Ok, not really, but the time for them to leave did seem to come too quick to us!! A little over 3 years ago, Cindy called me and told me that they were pregnant, we were so excited for them, but at the time were struggling with infertility and it made us sad thinking that it wasn't happening for us, but how fun it would be to have children at the same time as our friends (actually most of our friends were pregnant at that time.) Then you pretty much know the rest of the story, God gave us the desire to adopt, we signed up, and a month later we had Isabella. A month later, they had Briana. It was fun that God had given us girls at the same time. So for Isabella, Briana was her very first friend!! It has been fun to watch the girls play together and build their own little friendship. Then at the end of last summer, Kenny and I were with my parents at the beach and we got a call from them again saying that they were pregnant again. We were again excited for them. We really had no intention of adopting soon, so we weren't planning on providing a little friend for this baby. :) Once again you know the rest of the story - if not you can go back to March's archive and read it. Amelia was born in March and a month and a half later, they had Sheridan. Joel mentioned that we had once again beat them to it -- I told him that was our total purpose, that once the first adoption fell through, we called agencies and said, just make sure you get us a baby before Joel and Cindy! Well, sad for us, but praise to God for His faithfulness, a week and a half ago they were able to leave for Ireland. We really have seen God answer so many prayers for them to get them over there and we are so excited to see how God is going to use them! These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago just a few days before they left!! We definitely will miss them, but we're thankful that God is using them in Ireland. And we feel truly blessed to have them as friends!! (Despite the snowballing, prank phone calls, making fun of our name.... I hope the people in Ireland have a good sense of humor or they are in real trouble!)


Cle and Sylvie said...

Wow that is really something. The girls dresses are ADORABLE! Did someone make them?

DeAnna said...

Thanks! Yes, I made the dresses for the girls. I love making little outfits for them -- I never thought I would be one to dress them alike, but its kind of fun!