Monday, August 07, 2006

As every good southerner knows, at various points in your life (almost on a daily basis) you will be called, sweetie, honey, hun.... by total strangers. For me, it is normally at Wal Mart and normally by a older true southern woman. This is something my Yankee husband had to get used too. I believe it is a little early for this, but Isabella has decided that she likes this habit. Over the last few days, her new name for me (when she's trying to "make her case") is Hun - Any other time I'm still mommy, For example, just a few minutes ago we finished lunch and she ran back into the kitchen. I asked her what she was doing and she said "I get more apple" -- I then told her I didn't think she needed anything else to eat. To which she responded in a sweet little voice "I hungry ...... Hun" (drawn out with a little southern accent.) She's too cute! **Oh and just for the record, that Yankee husband I was talking about, said "Ya'll" from the church pulpit yesterday with out even realizing it. He truly is converting! :)


Shawnda said...

Ahhh! I like to hear the hubby is converting : ) My husband is from the north as well....and has taking a liking to the southern drawl and terms of endearment : ) It's funny before you even mentioned where you usually get called "honey" or "hun"...I had Super Wal-Mart floating through my head! : )

Ameratis said...

It is always grand to hear that children are learning to use "honey" "sweetie" and my favorite "darlin'" especially when it comes to "making their case" it is an important knowledge of life that every southern child should know and every northern child is deprived of...bless their hearts ;)

The Imp