Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Potty Breakthrough!

I've mentioned before that Amelia is not as easy to potty train as Isabella was. Isabella was/is pretty easily pleased, so putting up a chart and letting her pick all kinds of stickers out worked great for her. Actually, she was ready to start before I was, I had bought a seat to go on the toilet on it in preparations for her to potty train and once she saw it, she wanted to start then. It really was just a matter of telling us and getting there in time for her, but she was potty trained with no accidents by the time she was a 28 months. Amelia on the other hand, has gotten bored with the "treats", stickers are fun, yeah she likes to get a stamp on her hand, but not enough to go potty constantly for us. We have tried everything we can think of to get her to go, for a while she would go every now and then when we would put her on the potty, then she would cry when we put her on the potty (until she went and then she was happy for the attention), we make a big deal of this, call daddy at work, do a little made up potty song and dance, high fives...... just not caring or getting it. I was almost, ALMOST tempted to do the one thing I do not want to do --- buy a seperate potty chair. I might be the only mother that feels this way, but that's just nasty! And really like I want to have to empty and wash that thing out...... oh please, don't tell me that's the one thing I'm going to have to do. Thankfully, No! Since Sunday I have only had to change 2 diapers (actually pull ups) -- WOO HOO!!! Can I tell you just how thrilled I am? And she's actually been telling us when she has to go, and here is the reason....... if you come to my house now, later, tomorrow or maybe even next week, this is what you will see......

(Well minus the ashy legs, can't believe I didn't notice that before I took the picture. Although in the winter this is either typical or they are being chased down by me with lotion in hand. I think I have found a good help for this though, more on that later. :)

Her DORA NIGHTGOWN!!! For a few months now, nightgowns have not been an option for her because she wore them one night, took her diaper off, then had peed all over the bed. No fun for mommy, so I had told her before no nightgowns until she was going potty -- too easy of access. I recently told her she could wear this if she went in the potty, and some how it has stuck. If we are home, and she has a dry pull up (yeah, they have Dora on them too), then she can wear her nightgown. If she goes in her pull up, then she has to change out of the nightgown -- and yes I do stick to this, just ask my friend Becky, she was a witness. :) Yesterday she wore it all morning, then she messed in her pull up, we changed her clothes, and then she was back to going potty the rest of the evening so she could keep Dora on. Today, she told me right away in the morning she had to go, she told me after breakfast, and then 2 times while we were out........ (I'm also seeing that her tiny little bladder must be another reason for the late potty training. My shopping trips are going to be much longer now.) As soon as we got home, the first thing she asked for was her "Backpack nightgown" -- so she is back in it again. It actually took a little convincing to get her out of the nightgown and into pants and a sweater to leave, she kept telling me "I go pee pee" -- I had to convince her it was cold, that I PROMISED she could wear it when we got home, she could wear her Dora shoes and also she could wear these........

What?? You don't know what these are? They're ear muffs, what else would be wrapped around her waist?!?!

So even though this just proves my daughter is WAY too enamored with Dora (I still don't know how that happened) and as much as I always said I didn't like the cartoon character clothing, accessories.... I have given in..... and the less diapers I have to change the more I am confident in my decision to do so!! Hopefully this will continue, it sure would be nice to have her potty trained.

And can anyone guess what she'll be wanting for Christmas?!?


Becky said...

lol! I'm so glad you got a picture of this! Nice job in the way you told the story. "Ear muffs...what else would be around her waist?" -I love it! Aww man, if only I could fit my ear muffs around my waist.

Again, her hair! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

melva said...

Let me guess.....she is wanting Dora Underwear!!!!! Hey she will outgrow the Dora thing, it is just something that the little girls go through. But at least you can say that Dora helped Amelia go to the potty. Maybe they should have a Dora goes to the potty book for other mothers who are having trouble getting their little girls to go. I think that it would work. I know that I had a time with Casey, she would put on a diaper by herself and pee in it and change into another one, and I do mean diapers, because I thought those would be harder for her to put on herself than the pull ups, wrong!! Plus she didn't care if she was wet all day either. Very difficult, wanted to pull out my hair. So I am very proud of Miss Amelia!!!