Monday, October 13, 2008

My non-vegetarian

I'm going to be late posting my menu plan for the week. Since we were gone this weekend and didn't get back until last night, I feel like I'm starting the week a little disorganized, but hopefully I'll get it posted later. For now, I thought I would leave you with the funny story, I've shared with some of you already. Of course, its about my Isabella -- I'm sure you're not surprised. Isabella LOVES animals, actually she loves any living thing -- while I was gone she found 2 worms and informed us later that she kissed them (I know, gross!) She loves animals, most bugs, other than the ones that mommy screams at and squishes, I think she's figured they must be bad, loves birds, loves fish.... She actually is alot like me in this area. I've wondered if she would end up becoming a vegetarian once she truly realized chicken is chicken and fish is fish. She's never really asked, although when she found out salmon was fish, she was worried we might eat her fish Rexy-Keeko. No, I will not be baking a Beta fish. :) Anyway, the other day, we were standing in line at the store and the notion of her love for animals causing her to be vegetarian was squelched when she asked me:

"Mommy, if we cook up a chipmunk, can we eat it?"

I was shocked, grossed out, a little mortified that she asked and just responded with "WHAT?!?! NO! That's gross!" I kind of wish I could have responded in a more redneck kind of way to shock the people around me like (in an extreme southern accent) "Well, if that's all your Daddy brings home, we'll be eating chipmunk stew for dinner." or "Why, did you see one on the side of the road and forget to tell mommy?" Where does the child come up with this craziness?

NO, Chipmunk will not be on my menu plan this week.

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steph said...

Oh that is really funny! My children actually eat deer meat that shoots. When they were little Leslie would look up from her plate of deer roast and say" Hey daddy, did you kill dis ting?"