Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Menu Plan "Monday"

I actually had this made up yesterday, but Kenny had first aid/CPR training last night at work and didn't get home until about 9:30 so I didn't get a chance to sit down and type it out. Last week was a crazy week, I wasn't thinking about all that we had going on. Friday I spent the day baking goodies for the cake walk, had boo in the zoo, then Saturday got up and spent about 8 hours at the church between decorating for and going to the fall festival. Sunday was church, my mom's birthday, and then back to church for Awana. We came home and fell in bed and hoped our girls remembered to brush their teeth and get to bed ok. Just kidding about that, we obviously got them in bed first. :) All fun stuff, but busy --- and what does this have to do with this weeks menu??? Well, Steph, you're going to be disappointed because a few of the things I had on my plan last week I never got around to making, we opted for much faster easier meals. So, they're showing up again this week.


Breakfast ---Griddle cakes

Lunch--- Leftover Pasta

Dinner--- Made kind of the same chicken "tart" I made last week, except I had used capers and the girls didn't like them and I also totally forgot the chicken and yet somehow the girls still loved it: Phyllo Dough, spread a little bit of olive oil or melted butter, cut up red peppers, goat cheese and some asiago/parmesan cheese. This is a horribly messy meal though, that Phyllo dough flakes like crazy and my Amelia is a crazy messy eater.

Made Pumpkin Millet Muffins for breakfast


Breakfast--- Smoothies & Pumpkin Millet Muffins (These were really good, I didn't toast the millet like the recipe calls for. My girls loved them, especially Amelia. We once again had the little raccoon attack. I got the girls dressed and ready, then went and got myself ready, came back into the kitchen and noticed a couple half muffins on the counter. I think Amelia ate 5 muffins today (1 for breakfast and 4 between breakfast and lunch. I'm going to have to get some kind of container that has a lock on it to keep her out of things.)

Lunch--- Daddy took us to lunch today -- Mexican. :)

Dinner--- Leftovers


Breakfast -- Grapefruit, yogurt with flax

Lunch -- AB & J sandwiches, grapes

Dinner: Mango Tango Chicken (didn't get to make this last week) and a salad


Breakfast -- Smoothies and muffins (if Amelia hasn't found them and eaten them)

Lunch -- Bean Tostados (Corn tortillas, refried beans, corn, cheese)

Dinner -- Tilapia Cakes (another I didn't get to make last week)


Breakfast -- Egg omelets

Lunch -- AB & J sandwiches, I'm going to try carrot sticks and maybe some hummus dip. My girls don't really like raw veggies, but I'm going to try and find ways to get them to eat more. Cooked veggies, they do fine, raw, not so much.

Dinner: Potato Corn, Chicken Sausage, Soup (More or less I'm going to make potato soup, throw in some sundried tomato basil chicken sausage I bought last week at Whole Foods, and some corn and whatever else seems to strike my fancy that night)


Breakfast -- Whatever Daddy decides he wants me to make

Lunch -- Either leftover soup or a picnic lunch as we are hoping to go to the pumpkin patch or somewhere else fun.

Dinner -- Homemade pizza


Breakfast -- Whatever Daddy is cooking, which means cold cereal or eggs. :)

Lunch -- Basic Sunday dinner, whatever type roast I find at a good price, preferrably a chicken or a turkey breast, potatoes, and veggies

Dinner -- Leftovers

The nice thing about this week is that all I have to buy at the grocery store this week is potatoes, cheese for pizza, and chicken/turkey for Sunday.

For other (and I'm sure better) menu plans visit Organizing Junkie

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James and Andrea said...

You have such a beautiful family. I'm so glad you have those two precious daughters to love and raise in the Lord. = ) Happily ever afters are so sweet in adoption stories. I will have to share your blog with a friend who is in the long, complicated process of adopting right now. God bless, and thanks for your note on our blog.