Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And even newer pet

Today, Isabella got what she has been waiting patiently for, a brand new butterfly. And here it is:

What once was her caterpillar, then her chrysalis, today became her butterfly. She's so excited. And isn't it a pretty one?! My niece Olivia was at our house for the day and we were all making lunch together and Isabella said "Ooooh gross", I turned around and here was this wrinkled up tiny black think wiggling around in her bug house. She thought it was a different bug in there. It was kind of weird looking and small looking and wiggling around. To be quite honest, it looked so weird that I thought "Oh great, we've done something wrong and this thing is dying on us." So we grabbed out her little butterfly home and put him in there and then he did his thing to stretch, grow and harden those wings. What a great "project", it was a great science lesson and a perfect time to talk about God's creation as well as talking to her about the new life we can have in Christ. Just amazing!

We'll keep him (oh sorry, Isabella says its a "her", anything pretty has to be a girl) for a few days and then let it go. I didn't realize this, but butterflies only live 2-4 weeks. I haven't mentioned this to Isabella, nor will I.

A little funny story to go along with this. I was on the phone with my friend Becky today and Isabella was wanting to tell her about the butterfly this is what she said "Auntie Becky, Auntie Becky! My butterfly likes me! I think he likes me because I gave him weed." Becky and I both couldn't stop laughing. Finally Isabella asked mommy what it was called... "Oh, I think he likes me because I gave him parsley." Oh, she keeps me laughing.


Becky said...

lol...still laughing about that!

The butterfly is beautiful!!! And what a beautiful time to explain new life in Jesus. You're such a good mamma!

kelly said...

That is a very pretty butterfly! What variety is it?

That Isabella is a real card too! :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Faithfulmommy said...

OHMYWORD!! How wonderful and to think that beautiful creature is on weed!!! LOL!!! Missed you!! Good to be back and catching up!

Michelle said...

How pretty! I've been wanting to do this with Kayla but keep forgetting to order a kit :)