Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor guys

I had a knock on my door today, and since I couldn't avoid it, I had to answer. They were from a different church and belief than ours and I know they must have walked away saying, "Did you see that crazy woman, she was in unmatched pajamas at lunchtime, no make up, and had an aroma of..... what is that? Oh yeah, needing a shower! Thank goodness SHE wasn't interested in being converted" In my defense, its a lazy rainy day today, I just had to wait to get Amelia down for a nap before I could shower today, oh who cares.... I was in pjs, at least my kids had been fed and my kitchen was clean, right?!? Come one, someone tell me that's ok. :)

On a more serious note, I hate that I'm not more prepared or maybe its just bold at times like this. Where I could be "fine, let me tell you about what I believe and then you can tell me..." Of course, this was a man that was talking so it wasn't like I was going to invite him in, but I guess I could have said "come back later if you want to share and my husband can share with you." Yeah, that's it put it all on my husband.

Anyway, I may well be known to these people as the crazy stinky lady. At least I had brushed my teeth today.... I think. :)


Beth said...

I know! They always come when you can't talk!

steph said...

I think you are fine as long as they didn't look in the windows and see you run through the house naked. Or your child stand by the door and yell,"My mom can't come to the door, she's in the potty."

Andrea said...

Girl... during the summer when I'm not working, there are many days that I don't get to shower or change out of PJs until right before suppertime. You are completely NORMAL! (if there is such a thing) :)

melva said...

I am usually in my PJs until it is time to go back to bed on some weekends. I tend to not answer my door when a stranger comes by and I hide away from the windows and pray that the kids stay in the den or bedroom. :) Perfectly Normal!!!!!

loraena said...

I have had almost this exact experience. Lately, if the doorbell rings and I'm not the level of presentableness I would like to be, I just ignore it.

On a different note, I did try talking with some JW's one time I wasn't sure I was actually prepared or where it would go, but I figured it would be good for me. But as soon as they realized I knew a little bit of scripture and was willing to actually discuss some of the things they were talking about, they took off. Guess they didn't want to have a discussion - they just wanted to tell me what they were supposed to say and give me their literature.