Sunday, October 11, 2009


As promised, here's a couple pics of us at the zipline for our anniversary. You can see from this first picture, that it was a rather glamorous thing to do for our anniversary. Actually, you can't totally tell that because you aren't getting the full shot with the harness tightly around the lower regions, or the enormous work gloves I had to wear. And for me, I had to wear tennis shoes with capris (we weren't allowed to wear anything that came above our knees due to the harnesses I guess.) I have this thing about wearing tennis shoes.

My hubby, you can hardly tell since he is so far away. I thought we would be going on a zip line, hike for a while get to another zip line...... but actually we were attached to a zip line the whole time.(Me and a stranger, this man said this was on his bucket list. He was unsure pretty much the whole time, but was proud of himself at the end that he had accomplished it) After going over one zip line we would then "hike" over things like this:

(This is one of the guides showing the lady behind him that it didn't matter if she did fell because we were attached to the line, it was kind of strange to walk across it)

We had a little training class at the beginning because we had to know how to hook ourselves on, make sure that when unhooking we would right away attach ourselves to a safety line.... this at first seemed silly until we got to a couple places where the area we were standing on was like standing on a 2x4 hugging a tree for your life, way up above the ground. We also had to learn how to stop ourselves -- hence the ugly work gloves because we had to use our hands to brake. You can barely see me in this last picture, but I am there. This was the very last zip and it was so long. I shouted the whole way and the guide at the end was using the slow down signal and had the rope out to stop me, but I figured why not have fun, it was the last one, they couldn't ask me to leave now. Found out my husband pretty much did the same thing. It was so much fun and I'm looking forward to doing that again. Isabella is looking forward to when she is 10 and she can go along with us. :)


Mak said...

Okay... where do you get your adventurous ideas????? Definitely not from your friend, Andrea! Looks like fun. I'd be scared to death, but it definitely looks like fun! :)

Becky said...

lol at the first picture...somehow you're still able to pull it off. That lovely hat on anyone else would look dorky, however, on you....cute, and maybe even fashionable. :o) You guys look like you had so much fun!!!

DeAnna said...

Andrea, You're so funny, BUT actually you were the one that put the little thought in my head when you mentioned the question "When was the last time you tried something new?" (or something like that) I started feeling like Kenny and I weren't being as adventurous as we used to be.

Becky, this is why we're friends. You're delusional, but it makes me feel good anyway. :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

You're brave, girl!

Thank goodness you wrote me about the scarf. I keep getting comments from "anonymous" telling me it doesn't work and asking for help, over and over...