Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day

Hmmmm, what will she do with this snow ball....

Oh, this seems like a fun idea...

Now its on -- Snowball fight!!!
Well, some snow stuck! We got 3 inches last night and first thing this morning it was still here. Our girls were so excited, they skipped breakfast to get ready and go play for a little while. Daddy stayed home until lunch time to play with the girls. We aren't prepared for any kind of snow, the girls had 2 pair of socks on, but all we have is rain boots and they had tights and jeans on ... so needless to say they would play for a litle while and then come back in to warm up, go back out, back in..... They had lots of fun though. Last night was better snow for making snowballs or a snowman, today it was little bit icier -- great for sledding though. We have a small hill in our front yard and Kenny and my dad ended up making a small little jump for the sled. I don't know if my girls realize just how lucky they are to have a Daddy who will stay home and play out in the snow with them.
I love Isabella's face as she goes off a jump.

Amelia squealed with her mouth wide open pretty much every time they slid down the hill.

Daddy even got in on some of the action. :)

The girls had fun with the neighbor girls too.

You can see in the pictures how the snow quickly was melting away.

It doesn't last long, but it sure is fun for a little while.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I just broke out my sandals....

.... and it decided to snow tonight. Snow does crazy things around this house. Isabella was told last night that we might be getting snow today and she has been waiting and praying for it since then. At lunch she prayed "Thank you for the rain, I hope it turns to snow." :) It finally started snowing here about 10 minutes ago. It was kind of like waiting on the cable guy or phone guy -- you end up being the last house that it comes too. Everyone close to us was getting it, but not us. Isabella looked out the window and screamed "ITS SNOWING!" She took off out the back door ..... wearing only her shirt and panties. I guess southern girls don't realize you should at least wear pants and shoes in the snow. I said, "Honey, you need to run and get milk and bread before the blizzard comes." He reminded me that we got that yesterday so I sent him out for dessert. :) Isabella is already begging to make a snow angel and she is convinced that she is going skiing tomorrow. Who knows, maybe some of this will actually stick. I won't be putting my flip flops up though, I'm convinced spring weather will be here soon!