Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Back....

...and wishing we were still on vacation! We had a really nice time at the beach and as always it went by way too fast. I will definitely be posting some beach pictures and talking more about it - probably in several different posts, but I am going to post some "non-vacation" pictures this time. We actually got back on Saturday, but have just finally "settled" down today. When we got in Saturday, my in-laws were already at our house. Kenny's nephew's wedding was on Memorial Day, so we were able to visit with alot of Kenny's family over the weekend. Isabella really enjoyed having them here, as soon as we got out of the car she saw her cousin Josey and within minutes was holding hands with her. Josey is 6 and Isabella 3, but they played so well together. They also haven't seen each other in 2 years, but instant friendship. Here's a picture of them: Isabella was so sad Tuesday when she woke up and Josey wasn't here. I wish we could live closer to all of our family so she could grow up with all of her cousins. After they all left, on Tuesday Isabella had gymnastics and then yesterday we spent some time with her little friend Makenna-- thankfully -- since she had been with grandparents and cousins for the past 10 days, she was definitely wanting to be entertained. While we were on vacation, we missed a little awards time at gymnastics, so they did a little thing for Isabella and one other little girl who had missed as well. Isabella was (and still is) so excited about the little medal she got. Daddy met us for lunch and she was so excited to show him and then we had to go show it to Papa and Noni and she even wore it to youth group last night. :)
Isn't she my cute little gymnast?!? :) She will continue to do gymnastics over the summer, but not as often. I wanted to keep it up though, because I think its good for her and I didn't want her to forget things over the summer and start back up in September -- forgetting things, meaning forgetting how to stay in line, take turns, listen to her teacher, etc. :) And for the last little set of pictures I'm going to post Amelia's portraits that we had taken before we left. I believe GLouise asked me to post them and I'm always happy to oblige and post pictures of my girls. After I post beach pics you may get tired of seeing them. :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Going to the Beach

Well, after a busy last couple weeks preparing for vacation, now I am definitely ready for it. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and returning the next Saturday. The day we return my in laws will be coming in to stay for a few days as Kenny's nephew is getting married on Memorial Day. Most of my busy-ness has been totally self inflicted. Of course, there is the normal stuff, tons of laundry to do, writing my list of things to take, packing, cleaning -- extra for company :), but then I also spent most of my morning/afternoon taking Isabella to Daddy's work to drop her off there and then I went and got Amelia's 1 year pictures taken. I realize it seems like something I could have done after I got back, but we promised my mother-in-law an 8x10 for her mantle when she came down and since I procrastinated, well I had to do it today. I don't normally go get my girls pictures taken, this was the first time for Amelia and I only did it once for Isabella, but I would definitely recommend Portrait Innovations if you have one close by. I learned about it from someone else and I was very happy with the pictures of Amelia. Although, Amelia didn't want to sit or stand still, so the fact that they got any pictures was a miracle. Then as I mentioned before, I' ve been sewing the last couple weeks for my girls -- I'll post pictures of them in their outfits when we get home, because I'm sure to be taking some while we are at the beach. :) I'm so looking forward to being away on vacation!!!!! Of course, I'm sure some of it will be "interesting" as we have a 1 year old, 2 y.o, 3 y.o, 4 y.o and 11 year old (obviously, he's not a problem) That many little kids in a condo is going to be..... loud. :) Lots of fun! I probably won't be posting again until after Memorial Day and then you can expect to see lots of pics. Have a good week!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Daughter for Hire

I've decided that I should rent Isabella out to anyone who needs to go swimsuit shopping. I could make a fortune! Yesterday I took the girls to the store and I was trying on some swimsuits. Isabella kept saying (in her "I didn't know there was an inside voice" voice) "Oh mommy, you look pretty!" "That is SO cute, mommy" "I like that, mommy" "You're cute, mommy." I'm sure everyone in the fitting room and surrounding area heard her. So any of you dreading to try on swimsuits -- contact me, she is guaranteed to make it easier and almost (ALMOST) ennjoyable. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Funty's Day!

I know I'm late, but I still wanted to post and say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. If you are confused by my title (you should be) here is the story behind it. Sunday morning I was up and in the family room and I heard Isabella waking up and talking to Daddy. Kenny said he told Isabella to come in and tell me "Happy Mothers Day" -- to which she repeated it to him "Happy 'Mutters' Day". She came in the room with her little excited grin on her face and said "Happy.... Funty's Day Mommy!" :) I have no idea how she got it all confused, but it was so cute -- after that she said it correctly all day.... to everyone. :) We had a really nice weekend, my girls and I went to a Mother/Daughter brunch with my mom, my sil and her mom, and my niece. Then came home for the girls to take a nap and went back out shopping with my mom --- no children along, and then out to eat with my hubby, kids and my dad. Then Sunday, my sweet husband made me breakfast and had Isabella help him get presents ready for me. I told him that I really appreciate how he got her all excited about Mothers Day and doing stuff for mommy. Then after church, we went up the mountain and went to the same place we went for my very first Mothers Day. I wanted to go last year so that I could get pictures with Amelia on my first one with her, but it had to have been the windiest day of the year plus I was sick, so I definitely wanted to do it this year. I don't like pictures of myself, but here is one with me and my precious girls.
Unless you've really struggled with infertility you have no idea how it feels to dread Mothers Day. To not want to sit in church and hear what a wonderful thing motherhood is, to hear others being recognized for having the one thing you are longing for -- children. I've heard alot of people say that lately, some who are still struggling/waiting to be a mommy. I hope that I can always be sensitive to those around me that are still waiting to be able to celebrate. It has also made me realize more on Mothers Day what a wonderful and special gift it is to be a mommy. Some of you, just celebrated your first Mothers Day and I remember so well what a wonderful feeling it was to finally celebrate my first Mothers Day with my precious little one. Being a mommy is definitely the best, most wonderful, encouraging, discouraging, hard, fun, rewarding, frustrating, fulfilling thing I have been called to do. I don't take for granted how blessed I am and how wonderful it is to be a mommy. There are so many more encouraging and rewarding days, but then there are the days where I get so discouraged thinking I am going to fail at this and raising my girls to love and serve the Lord is one thing I don't want to fail at. I read on someone's blog recently that a friend had mentioned to her that as mothers we can take too much of the responsibility/control in our own hands and forget that God is bigger than us and our sin (paraphrased and reworded. :) And then I realize that being discouraged, not trusting, etc is sin and then I get discouraged about my sin, and..... its a vicious cycle. :) I am constantly praying that God will mold me to be the mommy that my girls need and that He will control their hearts and draw them close to Him. Thank God He is in control because choosing a sinner to raise sinners seems pretty crazy to me.

There are so many things I think about on Mothers Day. Although, my mom and I have always been close, being a mother has definitely made me appreciate all she did. My dad was in the military, so he had to be gone months at a time -- I don't remember her actually complaining about it or anything, but I do know how hard it had to have been. I understand that even more since I am married and a mom. I also have been extra busy the last few weeks doing things for my girls, taking them places, lots of sewing... things my mom did for me.

And I'm so thankful for the wonderful godly husband I have and that makes me appreciate more my mother-in-law and the work she did in raising and teaching him. Even if he is the only son she didn't teach how to cook. :)

I also don't know how single mothers do it, and I know one of you who reads my blog is choosing to be a single mother through adoption. I am amazed. Maybe my husband just spoils me too much, but I can't imagine doing this by myself. I hope that those of you who are single moms have a wonderful support in your friends/family/church to help you out when needed and give you the encouragment you need.

Of course, two of the main people that have been on my minds even more this week are my girls' birthmothers. I woke up early Sunday morning to my precious Isabella crawling in bed with me to cuddle, then I was able to go and get sweet Amelia with teddy in hand and arms reaching out to me out of her crib because of them. I wonder how they feel on Mothers Day, is it harder than other days. I still pray that someday they will get in contact with us and maybe I can tell them just how much I love and appreciate them on Mothers Day. Every child is a gift, but it is also a special thing to see God choose your child for you and not use you/your body/your genes at all. Not long ago, Isabella was having a bad week -- maybe two -- where she was just getting into all kinds of trouble and Kenny and I were kind of laughing and said something like "Man, with as bad as she's being tonight we about shouldn't have given her that gift" (or maybe it was doing something special with her I don't remember) And I said "Yeah, aren't we lucky that God does the same for us." I am a sinner even more than my girls, I know I disobey my heavenly father and yet somehow He still gives me gifts I don't deserve. Above all He gave me His salvation and then He gave me a wonderful husband and then He chose to give me 2 unbelievably precious girls! I have so much to celebrate!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Last weekend

Since this weekend is upon us I thought I would post just a few pictures of last Saturday. I was going to do a slide show, but for some reason my slide shows have now turned sideways and I have no idea why. Saturday we took a trip down to the acquarium with our youth group, although you won't see them in any of the pictures because I don't think they were up to walking slowly around with an inquisitive 3 year old the whole time. :) We had a really nice time though. We went to a park first and had a picnic and then headed into the acquarium for the next 4 hours! I decided I'd post a picture of our sweet Amelia walking around everywhere, although I know a video would be better. Then Isabella and I had a little photoshoot time. She wanted mommy to take some pictures of her and I was happy to oblige. The funny thing though is that my Isabella is absolutely beautiful, and she has a great smile with her big dimples, but when you ask her to smile, she gives you the silliest looks, like she's not quite sure how to do that. Isabella LOVED the aquarium. I believe she has my love for anything wildlife/nature. They had a playground area and we asked her if she wanted to play and she said "No, I want to see more fish!" She really didn't get bored at all and would just look at all of the fish and take it all in. Of course, her favorite was seeing Dori. :) And although I don't have a picture of it because it was way too crowded, she touched a stingray and was very proud of that -- but she also makes sure to say that she didn't touch the shark, even though he kept coming up for her to touch him. I know the pictures in the aquarium are of her back, but she was happy so I definitely wasn't going to constantly ask her to turn around. The only part she didn't like about our trip was the 3D show they had. BIG MISTAKE! Lately, Isabella has gotten more afraid of things, I don't know if its an age thing, but its been more recent for her -- even the child that slid face first down the huge slide has been acting a little afraid of slides lately. Anyway, we go to the show and its a little cartoon and she's excited, she has her little 3D glasses on and at the beginning of the show a fish "jumps" out at you and you get splashed with water. She jumped off of her seat and was screaming "NO, MOMMY! I want to go HOME!" I convinced her to take her glasses off and it was fine for a while until they had something shoot out from under your chair, then a shocking sound, etc. Its kind of hard to explain to a 3 year old that this is all pretend and then trying to explain 3D, definitely not going to happen.

This picture of Amelia is supposed to be her "Diva" face (although I think I caught her in between so she looks a little like a pirate.) We now will look at her and say "Where's my diva?" and she will scrunch her nose and eyes and pucker her lips. Its so cute and we are constantly asking her. Yes, I realize we are training our children to do tricks, like you would a dog, but we get so much enjoyment out of this. :) With Isabella, we would say "Are you cute?" and she would cock her head over to her shoulder and give you this sweet little look. I love all the new little personality they have at this age. Amelia has been into everything lately, which has been slightly frustrating to Isabella, but hilarious to me. For instance, today Amelia was chasing Isabella around the room trying to grab her snack out of her hand, then Isabella went to go potty and Amelia followed her, which was fine, until Amelia stole Isabella's panties and was walking around with them. Then as Isabella was taking a bath today, Amelia threw Isabella's panties in the water - she has a fascination with the panties, lets hope she's a quick potty trainer. :) Actually, she also has a fascination for throwing things in the bath tub when there is water in there, she brought teddy in and threw him in the other day. I might just have been blessed with TWO little mischievious girls.

And my favorite picture of all is this one below. It just makes my heart rejoice when I see them enjoying each others company. I know that they will probably drive each other crazy sometimes, but I just pray that God gives them a special bond.