Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Quotes from my weekend

I have no pictures for you.... I know, sad. For some reason my laptop is having problems. It is giving me this warning saying my hard drive is about to die. Thankfully it didn't just up and die and I was able to back up all my pictures on it. BUT, adding new pictures has become really slow. I might try later. My laptop is not that old, and of course this had to happen 6 months after my 2 year warranty ended.

Anyway, we went camping over the long holiday weekend. It was such a nice relaxing time together. We went to the beach and were expecting to spend lots of time at the beach, but it was crazy windy and crazy rough (hopefully I can post a pic of the waves later.) We did get to spend a few hours out there, but the wind would get strong and cause the sand to sting our legs, and I wouldn't let the girls in the water above their ankles because it was too scary to me. Kenny is in a cast from his knee down so it wasn't like he could take the girls out there and I don't trust my swimming skills that much. Thankfully, Kenny trusts my mama fears. Isabella got knocked down once (again water was near her ankles, but waves would come in quick) Kenny said he can't remember the last time I went that fast. Thankfully she got right back up, with her hair full of sand and small shells (again, I have a picture) They actually had one person drown down there this weekend, all they said was that a big wave came and knocked him and his friends down..... he was 19. You can imagine how strong the waves were. So sad.

So although the vacation wasn't what we were PLANNING, it was exactly what we needed. We were able to do lots of biking, and the weather was perfect for that. Isabella thinks she is big stuff now because she can bike without her training wheels and was "flying" through those trails. Who am I kidding, she is big stuff,... I'm so sad. And Keny even biked with his cast on - he refused for this to slow him down too much. :) We slept in every morning, sat around the camper, played games, cooked around the campfire, the girls played at the playground while I was able to cuddle up on the bench swing with my love, then we took the 4th and went to the aquarium and watched fireworks. A needed, restful time away.

So a little fun - here are our gathered favorite quotes from this weekend:

Isabella: "Daddy, did you bring my boogie board, so I can boogie?" I guess if you surf with a surf board it only makes sense that you boogie with a boogie board. :)

Isabella: "Mommy, I'm so glad I'm riding my bike to the bathroom, because my seat can hold it for me." (If that doesn't make sense at first, think about it....)

We were talking about July 4th and going to see fireworks -- Mommy: "We're going to see fireworks to celebrate America" Amelia: "We're going to AMERICA!?!!!"

We watched the "diving" show at the aquarium and they had a little spin the wheel question/answer game about fish, about 4 kids got to play the game. After the show was over, Amelia went over to the lady and said "I didn't get my turn yet."

While riding bikes: Amelia: "My legs are getting tired." She was in a bike carrier being pulled by Daddy. :)

Love my silly girls, they make me laugh!