Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope you all are having a blessed, Christ filled Christmas today. We have had a wonderful Christmas season as a family. We've had fun as well as found things to do to remind us what the season is truly about. One of the things that Kenny and I were able to do as a date was to go to a Mandisa and Matthew West concert. I love the song they sing called "Sometimes Christmas Makes Me Cry." It first talks about loved ones who have passed away and naturally the first person I think of is my aunt who died the day after Christmas last year. I was looking through e-mails the other day trying to find addresses (sorry family, Christmas cards are late and I never remember your addresses, I should get one of those -- oh what's it called, oh yeah an address book) and I did a search in my e-mail and it came up with an e-mail from Norma from 2 years ago when I was needing a couple addresses from her, it made me cry. I'm so happy for her and that she is celebrating Christmas with HIM, but I miss her and I know my cousin and other family miss her even more as they are used to celebrating Christmas with her. I try to remind myself of the rejoicing in heaven, today as so many people are reading the Christmas story, thinking of Christ being born. Yes this is something we should think of all year, but today as so many people are rejoicing in the fact that Christ came for us - what rejoicing and worship there must be in heaven. And the other part of that song that always chokes me up are these words "I think of Mary and the virgin birth, and I'm amazed by how much God thinks we are worth..." Wow, we're worth enough to God for Him to send His only Son to a, in Isabella's words, stinky smelly dirty stable, to be born and die for us. God as a tiny little baby, can you really imagine that, it almost seems unfathomable, all powerful God as a tiny little baby...Amazing! I hope everyone reading this, how few there may be, realize just how much you are worth to God. And not just this day, but everyday! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Pictures soon.... I hope

I'm hoping to post a couple Thanksgiving and Christmas festivity pictures soon. We had a nice Thanksgiving with my parents, then my mom and I went out for just a few hours on "black Friday" (not wee early though, neither of us were looking for anything, its just a tradition.) We only hit a couple stores and my dad called and said he thought Amelia was getting sick, when we got home she had already thrown up and was crying in pain. I felt so bad for her. I laid down with her and rubbed her belly some and she would be calm for a little bit and then start crying again probable from cramping up. She then said "I go nigh night" and we went and laid in my bed and she was out in just a matter of minutes. She woke up acting fine, not eating anything, but acting fine. (Praise the Lord.) We tried to take it easy on Saturday, went out to a couple places, but still she seemed fine. I, on the other hand, woke up Sunday morning with the bug, felt horrible all day, felt a little better on Monday; Isabella got a touch of it (she said "I think I have a sick bug in my stomach.") and of course gave it back to me by Tuesday night. I'm finally over it so today I have been a crazy cleaning lady because my house badly needs a good scrub down and clean up -- then hopefully I will get to post pictures and get back to blogging. We did go get our Christmas tree last night and my hubby put the lights on it and the girls and I are enjoying it today. Today we're going to decorate it and we'll enjoy it even more.

I might have gotten my Christmas present early this year.... Amelia seems to finally have gotten potty training down. Before it was a hit or miss and she would do one, but not the other, but the only time she has needed changed for the last week has been when she wakes up. She still doesn't wake up dry every morning, I guess this is normal. It wasn't the case with Isabella, but I'll be fine with that. :) And she might get a little extra Christmas present too --Dora big girl panties in her stocking. Yay!

And to leave you with a funny, those of you who are on my Facebook probably read this, but Isabella (as well as her Daddy) tends to talk in her sleep. She REALLY talks though -- (although I guess my family could say Kenny does too since he woke us up on one trip yelling, "No, STOP!" while my Dad was driving. Man, that was so funny.) Anyway, there has not been a night go by this week that Isabella hasn't come into our room around 4/5, cuddled up next to me and by the time Daddy leaves for work she's talking. She asked for a new butterfly wing since she broke hers, told me that something was in the kitchen,...sounds like she has some crazy dreams. Today she asked me if I remembered the snake that was crawling outside of the house: "Remember, you were talking to Auntie Becky, we ran to your bedroom window to see it....... it was IN MY DREAM?!?" She seems to forget that just because I am in her dream does not mean I am having the same dream. :) But the best was 2 nights ago when she started singing Old MacDonald had a farm. I thought maybe she was awake, but nope. She sang the whole verse, didn't miss a single word or tune and even added the pig sounds when it came to it. I really need to get a tape recorder. :)