Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still here having fun! :)

Thanks so much for praying for us, Isabella's pink eye is gone -- without any medicine. Which is a praise!!! I called my dr and he wouldn't call in any antibiotic. I was so frustrated. My kids rarely get sick at all, so its not like I've asked him to do this before, but the receptionist said after talking to him "The dr said he would have to see her to know that its actually pink eye" I told her, "Its definitely pink eye, my nephew had it, my niece had it, ... oh yeah and I'm like every other mother who knows what pink eye looks like" (Ok, so I didn't say that last part) She said "he said your only other option is to go to Urgent Care." I was so irritated that I'm tempted to find a new dr. I mean seriously, its pink eye, its not like I'm asking for some crazy drug or anything. I know lots of drs don't like to do that but still frustrating. So I just really prayed about it. By the next morning Isabella's eye looked better and so far Amelia, Garrett as well as the adults have not caught it. I'm really praising Him for that because I know this can be so contagious!

I still have a sore throat, but thankfully during the day I feel pretty good. We had a fun day yesterday at Harbour Town. We had gone there to go to the "Salty Dog Cafe" and did some shopping, then we came back and went to the beach in the evening. Which is nice rather than being so hot in the middle of the day. We did get to end the day with another....accident? drama? bad luck? :) My brother and Tyler were standing in the surf fishing and Mike was probably waist deep, he caught a fish, came out of the water kind of limping. So Meredith went down there and came back up to get a towel, saying Mike had cut himself. He actually didn't cut himself though, he was stung by a stingray. He was Ok for about 15 minutes and then it really started hurting, Dad ran to get the truck because Mike started hurting so bad he couldn't walk the couple blocks home. BUT its great having internet while you're on vacation, they got back to the room looked up stingray stings and found out that he had to soak it in the hottest water he could stand for an hour and that would bring the venom out. We all were saying "Praise the Lord it wasn't Tyler." It could have been worse. Today Mike seems to be fine. As long as we lived on the beach growing up and as much as Mike lived in the water surfing, he had never been stung by a stingray. I'm sure he feels proud. :) This is just more reason why I am NOT an ocean girl, give me the sand, give me the sun, give me the sound of the waves and the seashells, but I'll just swim in the pool where I can see my toes. :) Hopefully I got some cute pics last night and I will upload them when we get home!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


..... from the sunny beach!! I know I haven't written lately, I actually have had internet problems at home for the past couple weeks. Just a few weeks ago, my parents decided to do another family vacation at Hilton Head, so we all hurried to get things ready in short time. We will be here until Saturday. We're having lots of fun, but we are also passing sicknesses around. My mom was sick last week, then my sil got a sore throat the first day we were here, now I have the sore throat, my nephew, Tylerhad a very mild case of pink eye (or at least we're blaming it on him because his eye was pink on Friday, but it seemed to go away quickly), Sunday morning my niece, Olivia woke up with her eyes matted shut so she has pink eye and Meredith had to call to get some antibiotics, now Isabella has pink eye and I am going to have to call my doctor today for medicine, or atleast call and see if its necessary. I've been trying to do the other things I've read for pink eye, but I'm afraid that if I don't get the antibiotics Isabella's will just continue to spread to everyone else. Doesn't sound like a great start to vacation, but we still have been able to enjoy things, but if you happen to still be checking my blog out and come across this PLEASE pray that the other two kids, Amelia and Garrett don't get the yuckies and that we all can enjoy our time together. I'd post some pics, but my camera doesn't have a cord to download, I do it with my card and there's no slot on this computer for that. I think I can download some from my mom's camera so we'll see..... Hope you had a good Memorial Day!!