Wednesday, October 31, 2007

She remembers WAY too much

Over a year ago, Isabella's first (of many) fish died. I mentioned in this post that we had told her that her fish went to play with Nemo. I know, we're horrible parents for lying -- but she was pleased with that answer. Yesterday I heard Isabella yell "OH NO, MOMMY! I can't find Rexy-Keeko" (She named the fish, we had absolutely nothing to do with his name and aren't sure where she came up with it) I knew I had seen me a couple hours before so I told her he was probably just hiding behind the filter. "But I can't SEE HIM! Come here Mommy!" So I went and tapped on the back of the little tank and sure enough he came out from behind the filter. Isabella let out a huge sigh of relief and said "Whew, I thought he had gone back to Nemo" Oops, I guess kids remember things longer than you realize. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm still giggling....

I just went and got Amelia out of her crib after her nap and when I opened the door to this I couldn't help but laugh. She had decided to redo her hair. :) I love the natural look, but this is a little crazy, but hey we are all about big hair in this family....

And my first thought when I saw this......
maybe her hair is finally long enough to do......

POOFS!!! I've been waiting for the day when her hair will be long enough to have the 2 cute little poofs in her hair -- we're almost there. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007


I didn't even know how to title this..... Most, if not all of you, who read this blog have heard about the adoption fraud that we went through right before Amelia. For those who might have just found the blog or might have missed it -- this is not me calling it a fraud when it was a failed adoption, where the mother decides to parent instead. I think all of you know that I have the greatest respect and love for my girls birthmothers and I cannot even imagine what any mother who chooses to place her baby goes through. That being said, that was not the case, it was a fraud, it was told to us by our attorney at the time that what she did was a felony and that he was going to send an affidavit for her arrest. I doubt he did, but that's another story. Anyway, Wednesday I got a message from a girl who found me through another girl's "networking" --- she said she recognized our name and didn't know if I remembered her but she worked for "above mentioned bad attorney" and that we might like to know that it looks like Andrea (that was the potential birthmothers name) would be going to jail because she has been caught again working a scam. This time, she was using a fake name, fake SSN, and a fake pregnancy test. She hoped she wasn't stirring up bad memories, but thought we would like to know. I responded something like "I hate she did this again, no it doesn't bring up bad memories regarding her. I think about her often, wonder how she is, where she is, was she even pregnant.... but that GOD IS GOOD and had really taken any bitterness toward her away and showed me sorrow for her because she doesn't have HIM" (But with alot more words because you know I talk too much. :) She responded to me "Andrea's mother said that Andrea did this for her last pregnancy, which was probably with you guys so she probably was actually pregnant. " She also mentioned that this was not with one of "bad attorney's" couples but it was a couple with the SAME FACILITATOR/REFERRAL AGENCY that he uses, THE SAME one that worked with Andrea with us. I felt sick hearing that, here this same mother went with the same facilitator (called referral agency for "bad attorneys" own purposes) and scammed another couple. She was quick to tell me that she had only been matched with a family for a couple months -- ONLY, are you kidding me??? So someone else had to go through a scam because once again this place doesn't screen/talk to/check records on/..... their potential birthmothers. I responded that I honestly wasn't surprised because I had heard alot of bad things about this facilitator and read alot of negative things on the internet. Although I didn't mention "bad attorney's" name in that, I never heard back from her after that. Because honestly, he won't stop using them either. Although in SC facilitators are illegal he uses one as a "referral agency" because he doesn't have many birthmothers come in his office. And don't get me wrong, I don't think all facilitators are evil -- we used one with Isabella, but went into that naively and she was a Godsend, and I am starting to think a very rare "good one", we learned this as well as alot of lessons through our scam -- but again, another story. This bad facilitating company is based out of the east and yet most of their birthmothers are out west -- interesting huh? They don't meet these mothers in person, they don't counsel these mothers and probably can't check up on them afterwards. I'm not sure how expectant mothers, birthmothers, or adoptive families are getting the kind of treatment they deserve. Obviously it is not a real concern or they wouldn't have repeat offenders. I have not really vented much on this issues, because I don't want it to sound like I'm bitter. Once again I actually feel sorry for Andrea, I hope that somehow when we flew out and met her and showered love on her that God uses us and our sweet Isabella to be brought back to her memory and that she could see Him through us. I'm doing this more of a warning that people would realize to be careful. God didn't spare us from that hurt maybe so we could somehow help others not go through it, I don't know. As for the facilitator -- they are a religious organization, "bad attorney" is a Christian, and its so frustrating to me to think that expectant mothers, birthmothers, and families are going through pain because of them. And so many people will trust them because they hide under the name Christian. I really thought of this other family, I wondered if they were Christians, I wondered if they had Christ to lean on for their hope and comfort, I wondered if they had adopted before like we had and had already seen God's bringing their child to them, and I hurt for them remembering what it was like to go through that loss and quite honestly, I felt a little angry, felt angry that this same place had let this same woman do this again to another family. BUT, I once again have to go crying to God and realize that HE IS IN CONTROL! In our situation I see His will revealed in the sweet faces of my girls. I don't know why these companies continue to work, but I know that is in God's hands.

On a sweeter note, so I don't leave you with a bad taste - and as at least one of the many reasons God had us go through sweet Amelia. Today at lunch Amelia was so cute, we went with my parents and Papa kissed her goodbye, then she pointed to her lips, so he kissed her lips, then she pointed to her nose, so he kissed her nose..... how cute is she?!?! :) God really does know exactly what (who) we need! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween, I mean Fall Festivities

We're off to see the Wizard.......

Hopefully, I can get some better pictures of them dressed up, since we do have a few more "halloween" type things to go to, but I thought I would share these from Friday night. We took the girls to Boo in the Zoo and also the YMCA. I love all the family type events they have for Halloween. I know some people don't like Halloween for its evil beginnings or for the things that may go on that night, but I always enjoyed dressing up and tricker treating as a kid and I personally just love to dress my girls up. :) While I was sewing the Dorothy outfit, I told Kenny I must be crazy spending this time on this outfit because there were 16 pattern pieces to cut out -- which I HATE doing. Not a terribly hard outfit to make, but very time consuming. So I put it on Isabella and she twirled around the room and then came over to me and gave me a hug saying "Thank you mommy for making my Dorothy" *twirl, twirl* "You're the BEST Mommy!" *twirl, twirl* "You're the best..... maker" And yes, that did make it ALL worth it! Then seeing both of my girls looking as cute as can be, that made any time worth it. I will say we didn't run into as many Wizard of Oz fans like us, we had several ask if Amelia was a princess? Ok, if she wasn't with Isabella that's understandable, but come on -- she looks just like Glinda. :) She is such a little girly girl too, she LOVED wearing the tutu and didn't even pull the crown off, and boy did she know how to swing that wand. Hope everyone else is enjoying the season and the festivities!

Friday, October 05, 2007

October Joy

I love fall, its my favorite season. I love seeing the leaves start to change, I love the weather getting a little cooler, I love the pumpkin patch, the apple farm, hayrides, football (yes I did say that - wish we actually could go to more games, its the one sport I do enjoy watching) Halloween, ur, I mean Harvest, Thanksgiving, jeans and sweaters, etc. etc. Just something about the smell of fall air makes me happy. I will admit though that lately I have been busy and felt somewhat overwhelmed. We have alot going on, we have something tonight, but tomorrow is probably our last free weekend for a long time, we have alot that we want to do, I've been doing a good bit of sewing for my girls, and now I've started doing more sewing for others (this is a good thing, because then it pays for the sewing for my girls. :) I really have felt terribly disorganized, which then makes me realize it is my fault that I'm disorganized and then I get overwhelmed with that guilty feeling...... Ok, maybe its not as bad as it sounds, but it definitely has been a matter of prayer for myself.
Just a couple weeks ago, Daddy got a "new to us" swing set for the girls and Isabella loves having her own "park". And it brings me joy to watch her, she really has the most infectious laughter and my heart just swells with joy to be able to share just simple times like this with her. And then I found this poem and it seemed to fit perfectly with things going on right now.

Time rushes by, yet simple joys remind us of what is truly important.

So, I still need to find a way to be better organize my time, but this is one of those Truly Important things, spending time with my girls and enjoying them. Time is definitely rushing by so quickly.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Isabella's "Funnies"

I really wish I would type down everyday the things that Isabella says. The child cracks me up constantly, the only problem is that she pretty much never shuts up so I would have way too much to type. :) But I thought I would share a couple things from today. First, we were looking at a little toy catalog she got in the mail yesterday, we looked at this one toy yesterday and I explained to her what it was, then today she got the book out and again asked what it was.....
"What do you do with the monkey again"
"You hide it"
"And then what does the witch do?"
"What witch, there is no witch, just the little wand."
"And then you say "Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo" and wave the wand?"
"No, you hold the wand and it will beep when you get close to where the monkey is hiding?"
"And then we shoot the monkey?"
"What, NO, you just use the little wand to help you find him"
"And then we shoot him?"
"NO, we don't shoot monkeys!"
"Its just a pretend monkey mommy"

This is extra funny to me because I don't know where she gets this whole shooting thing from -- #1: she's a girl, she doesn't play with guns #2: I don't like anything about hunting and glad my hubby doesn't do it #3 and most importantly: We totally support Diego in his animal rescues :)

Also -- today is my parents Anniversary and the girls and I went to lunch with my mom and Isabella acted really bad (side note, don't know if any of you have heard or believe this but I heard somewhere that children act worse on rainy days due to the barometric pressure or something and its totally true for Isabella. She's always wild, but today she was just downright grumpy!) Anyway......
I said to her "Today is Noni and Papa's anniversary and you were supposed to be a sweet girl and tell Noni Happy Anniversary. Today is the day that they got married."


Monday, October 01, 2007

We've Gone Pink....

.... Have you??? Yes, today is the first day of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This Saturday, my mom and I went and did the 5K walk at the Race for the Cure. It was the first time we had done that and I know that it is going to be an annual thing now that we want to do. It was great! It was also very emotional, seeing many women walking around with their pink survivor shirts, the survivor walk and just seeing people out there supporting friends and family who have gone through or are going through breast cancer. And to think of those we know who have had breast cancer or have it now. As you can see, Isabella came down to the race for a short time with my dad and had a shirt on to support her "Nunu". Isabella asked me a couple times Saturday after I was home "why did you wear that shirt (the one they give you for the race), why were you racing?" I know she doesn't understand, but I told her that we were trying to raise money to help Nunu and others who are sick like Nunu -- she understands that because she prays for her every day. And of course, my Aunt Norma was in the forefront of my mind and how I wish we could be doing this Race in celebration of her being cancer free -- but that's not the case right now. Her cancer seems to have kind of baffled her drs -- or at least they say they haven't seen it like this,..... that is another reason for me to feel there needs to be more research done to help breast cancer. Even if the doctors haven't seen cancer like this, or maybe are confused about things -- I know that God isn't confused at all. He has His hand in all of this and He is in control!!! I may not understand why He is doing what He is doing, but I know that I trust Him and that He should be glorified in all things. Right now I am praying for real encouragment for my aunt, because I know being in and out of the hospital has to be discouraging and I know that she is in pain. So please keep her in your prayers as well. Saturday night, Kenny and I went on a date and went to a Mark Schultz concert. Loved it! When he was singing the song "He Will Carry Me" -- it made me think again of my aunt as she is going through this and also my cousin, Sheryl because I'm sure seeing your mom going through this is hard, so I wanted to post some of the lyrics for them as well as for others who are going through breast cancer (or any other trial)

And even though I feel so lonely
Like I've never been before
You never said it would be easy
But You said you'd see me through the storm

And even though I'm walkin' through
The valley of the shadow
I will hold tight to the hand of Him
Whose love will comfort me
And when all hope is gone
And I've been wounded in the battle
He is all the strength that I will
Ever need And He will carry me