Monday, January 28, 2008


Isabella has been thinking alot lately about heaven. Contemplating what Mommy and Daddy have taught her and she is now sharing her concerns with us. Obviously, I know that this has come from us talking to her about Nunu being in heaven. I didn't really know how well she would understand it, but she seems to at least understand heaven is forever and there's no returning to here. This is where she has concerns. Several times this week, she will say to me or to Kenny "why when we go to heaven can't we come home" and we try to find ways to explain this to her. We also tell her that when those who trust in Jesus, die, they go to heaven and it is so beautiful and so amazing to be there with Jesus that they wouldn't want to leave and come home. The thing is, I totally understand her concerns and I want her to know that I feel the same way sometimes, but that heaven is so much greater than our minds can even imagine. What is really funny is what her real concern seems to be "But I don't want to leave Tucker, he would miss me" I'm hoping that she is assuming that mommy and daddy would be with her, if not we've now become less of a concern than our labrador. :) Yesterday when she was talking to me about this again, she seemed to find a happy loop hole -- "Maybe God will let me have one of those diamonds from the street." Streets of gold... streets of diamonds, close enough. :)

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Girl

Today my Isabella is 4 years old!! Can you even believe it? I sure can't, actually she didn't believe it this morning either. She woke up and came in the kitchen as I was making her some princess waffles. I said "Happy Birthday! How old are you?" She smiled and put up 4 fingers, but then told me she really wasn't 4 yet. I told her she was but then she said "But I'm not REALLY tall?" So I had to get out the tape measure and measure her and convince her that indeed she had grown to be as tall as a 4 year old.

It seems like the last 4 years have gone by so quickly. I still remember, and with obvious choking back of tears, getting to the hospital at around 11pm (close to 2am our time) and Kenny and I giddily scrubbing up, and then looking in the NICU window and seeing a nurse in the back right corner holding this tiny baby with the most black hair I had seen on a baby and it was sticking up all over the place. I knew that was her. And holding her for the first time.... ahh what an amazing moment. In some ways it seems so far away, but then it also just feels like yesterday. Even in the absolute awe of the moment, I had no idea how sweet this precious girl was going to be. She is my cuddler, Ms. Independent, my social butterfly, she has an energy and spirit in her that amazes me. She can't keep a secret, she is not afraid to tell anyone Anything, she truly never meets a stranger and every person close to her size is an automatic friend, when this friendship is not reciprocated - she is persistent, when it is reciprocated they become her "best friend ever", even if she can't remember their name. She is stubborn, has her own will that I'm still hoping will be molded, not broken. She is quite dramatic -- sometimes this is good, lately this has not helped with her attitude or her new found skill of whining. Can I tell you just how much I hate whining...... She can be a tomboy or a princess, normally a tomboy dressed up as a princess. She is beautiful -- I hope her inner beauty blossoms even more than her outer beauty. She has a way of making people smile. She is sometimes selfish, but always compassionate. She is so many things that I wish I was. She has the most infectious laugh and she can make me laugh at the silliest things. She can frustrate me in a second, yet make my heart explode with joy even quicker. She loves life, loves us, loves her baby sister and I can not even begin to tell you just how much I love this precious girl!!! I pray that God continues to mold you to be the little girl, young girl, teenager, woman that He wants you to be. Happy Birthday Big Girl!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day!

We got snow!!!! Last night it started snowing a little and Isabella was SO excited. You can tell it doesn't matter how much snow we have, if there is any, she expects to play in it. She is truly southern as she decided to lay on our porch and make a snow angel. :) I told her that maybe if we got more snow overnight that Daddy would be staying home some to play with her. I wish I could have videotaped her this morning. She woke up and shouted "Mommy, Daddy..... I see something!" Then she came running down the hall, with her cute girly run, ran right past me, screaming "We got LOTS of snow!" kept running past Daddy..... "Come on Daddy, Lets GO!" Who cares about breakfast, its snow time! For us, we got a good bit, probably 2 inches. I know, for you Yankees, that's nothing, but for us, the whole city stops. Its only happens maybe once a year so we enjoy it when it comes. Isabella went right out and started playing with Daddy, then I got Amelia and myself ready, Papa and Noni came up and we all had a fun snow day (well, snow morning, everyone went to work by lunchtime) Here's just a few pics from the day.....

Then Amelia decided we were all a bunch of crazy people and this snow wasn't all that great and she convinced Papa to get in the car with her and let her warm up. :) She was not all that impressed.
Here's a couple pretty ones, just for me. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas Pretties

This is my last post on Christmas. I think I'm finally updated enough on here that I can change my background and move on. This little red outfit was what Amelia wore to see Santa. No surprise here, she wanted nothing to do with him. I didn't take my camera with me because I assumed they wouldn't let me take pictures, since they are wanting to make some money. Well, I was wrong, other people had their cameras and were taking pictures. We instead, bought a picture of Isabella with Santa, which I wish I could show you, but I don't have it in digital format to load here. You'll just have to trust me, it was adorable. "Santa" was so sweet and he was very concerned about getting Amelia to come see him, he offered her a gingerbread cookie which she quickly took, and she was willing to give him "five", but refused to give him a hug. I didn't think she would and wasn't concerned about getting a picture of her on his lap. It was mainly for Isabella since she had wanted to go see him. Amelia still looked as cute as ever in her little "Santa" outfit though. It was one of my favorite Christmas outfits on her.

These last two pictures are probably my favorite because they show my girls having fun together and becoming such sweet sisters. As Amelia is getting a little older, its been fun to watch the girls play together more. They will just be laughing so hard together and that brings me so much joy. Amelia just adores her big sister, wants to do anything she is doing, but also has the little sister tendencies of bothering her. As I am writing this Isabella has already said at least three times "Get off of me. Mommy - she's not getting off of me" as Amelia is coming over and laying on top of Isabella, with the biggest grin knowing she's annoying her big sister. And Isabella loves her baby sister and can be so protective of her, but she can also be rather bossy with her and feel as if Amelia is not getting "punished" when needed. She will come and say "Is Amelia allowed getting in your purse?" (To which I respond no) "She is, are you going to give her a time out?" Of course if Amelia gets hurt or gets scolded, she goes to Isabella and Isabella will comfort her. I just pray that God would cause both of my girls to be tenderhearted to each other and have a special bond. I don't have a sister, but it seems like a sister could be a built in best friend -- I hope that's the case for them. I hope they always realize that although their genetics are totally different, and they look nothing like each other, that God knew what He was doing. That He had a plan in this and that He made them sisters!! We tell Isabella all the time that God gave her a little sister. How great to think that God knew exactly what they both would need and chose even the big and little sister that He wanted for them. And He knew how much joy this mama would find in these two precious girls!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Some Christmas Fun

Thought I would share a couple of the activities we enjoyed this past Christmas season. Of course, we had other things we enjoyed as well, but here are a couple. Are these girls not the cutest little chefs you've ever seen?!?! Amelia actually didn't help us make the cookies because she kept eating the dough :), but she looked so cute in her outfit. Isabella is my little baker, she loves to cook absolutely anything. She even wants to help me if I'm making a sandwich. This little rolling pin was supposed to be a Christmas present, but somehow the little sneak had already seen it and wanted to use it.

I wanted to make gingerbread houses, but I didn't want one of those already made up, just put it together kits. We did gingerbread men, bears and snowmen instead. Maybe we'll do houses next year.
I have to say that Isabella's gingerbread men/bears were a little disturbing , don't you think? The first one really cracks me up as she used red icing to put the eyes on, looks a little frightening. :)

The rest of these pics are of our trip on the "Polar Express" -- Isabella was so excited. She LOVES the Polar Express Book and Movie and quite honestly, although we aren't "Santa" people, she was all about Santa this year. You probably can't read her shirt -- it says, Santa, Define Good. :) The train ride was really fun, obviously the movie has helped this immensely. They had the soundtrack playing, read the book, then we took a ride to the North Pole (looks just like it doesn't it?) and picked up Santa, who then gets on and gives each of the kids a bell. As we reach the "North Pole", Santa and his sleigh are sitting outside, you can see Isabella yelling out the window to Santa. Actually, Isabella cracked us up with Santa, we've never taken her to see him before, but we decided to take her this year. She told him 2 things she wanted, then as we are leaving the mall she sayd "Oh no, I forgot to tell him that I want jewelry!" Then she didn't really get a chance to tell him on the train ride, she was very upset. Then after Kenny's work party one night we drove by a house we see every year. This guy goes all out, tons of lights and dancing figures, a whole huge train set up in a garage.... this year he had even built a little Santa Shack, was dressed up like Santa and sitting there. We were driving by and Isabella saw him and started YELLING out the window "SANTA, HI SANTA -- I FORGOT TO TELL YOU I WANT JEWELRY!" :) Kenny and I were trying so hard to hold back our laughter.

This kind of funny looking picture of Isabella with her favorite Christmas pasttime -- Hot Cocoa -- is not from the Polar Express, its actually from going to a Dickens Christmas Evening downtown, but it cracks me up so I had to include it. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Better Late Than Never?

Ok, I am going to start uploading some pictures. The first ones are actually from our trip up north for Thanksgiving-- I know, how pitiful am I to now upload them, but I thought they were cute and since it will most likely be the only time we see any snow, I thought I'd share. :) This was actually Thanksgiving Day, it was so cute when Isabella woke up she noticed the snow outside and went running down the stairs yelling "Everyone, its snowing!"
This first one is of Isabella and her cousin Josey, they were both so excited to see each other. They really are only a couple years apart, but Josey is on the tall end of the ruler and you know my Isabella, she's my little shorty.

I love this one, Isabella started to throw a snowball at her and naturally Josey ran away. Isabella said "Hey, stop, I want to throw a snowball at you" Didn't quite understand why she wouldn't just stand still. :-) Amelia and I stayed inside for this one, we would have gone out if it hadn't been Thanksgiving morning and by the next day, of course it was gone.

And you know you are truly southern when you build a snowman from a scuff of snow. What can I say, we take what we can get.

When Isabella saw these pictures of our walk in the woods, she said "That's when Aunt Kathleen gave me a surprise." Oh yes, Isabella got quite spoiled, she now thinks everytime she comes in from being cold that she should get hot chocolate and popcorn. We took a walk back in the woods to a little "house" they have. It was like the Three Bears cottage to Isabella or maybe Snow White's. That's what they are actually looking at in this picture, but we'll just pretend it was some sort of wildlife, sounds cooler. :)

This picture of Isabella just makes me laugh because she was carrying the bag of popcorn around the room in the little house and she said "Hey, where's my popcorn,.....Oh, I have it" and then she laughed, and I just love her little laugh. That's Uncle Dan behind her, it would be a toss up between if she would want the hot cocoa with Aunt Kathleen or stoking the fire with Uncle Dan. She really had so much fun being with family. I more or less rarely saw her the whole time, she wasn't used to being around so many cousins, grandma and grandpa, and aunts and uncles and she took advantage of it. I thought this was a cute picture of my SIL Kathleen and niece Hope -- not sure Hope will like that I posted a picture of her with a "caught her off guard" face, but cute nonetheless.

And in this one, you will have to excuse the "background" -- this was really just a quick picture of Isabella with her Thanksgiving outfit on, her shirt says "Gobble til you Wobble"- she is looking way too grown up for me.

While we were there, Amelia either made some big improvements or just was too tired to be concerned, but as you can see she let Uncle Kevin hold her. Kenny put her up on his lap and she and Teddy snuggled right in with him.

Seth (the one to your right in the picture) was so sweet with Amelia and Amelia really took to him and we think she was trying to say "Sethers" while we were up there, but in this picture I think she was a little concerned why these two silly boys were trying to hug her. :)

This picture absolutely cracks me up. We had tried to go out and do something "Christmasy", see some lights and other things around town, but pretty much found nothing. We did stop at one area where there was a large manger scene and a couple other things -- Seth, Ian, Isabella and Claire, seemed to naturally just jump right up and join this little choir. I took this one quick before anyone noticed them playing with the decorations. :) Lots of fun! Now that I've shown you Thanksgiving, I can post Christmas pics tomorrow and then start the New Year off better.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thank you and stay tuned....

First of all, I wanted to say "Thank you" to all of you who commented or e-mailed letting me know you were praying for my aunt while she had been sick and also praying for our family now. It means alot to know people are praying. The funeral was a very sweet service and the pastor did such a good job in honoring her and comforting us. I knew he would, Norma was a big part of the church, had been his secretary for several years and she was close to him and his family. I could tell this was hard on him as well. It was obviously such a bittersweet time. It still seems unreal, maybe just because you grow up thinking certain people will always be in your life, or maybe its because I'm not right there where she lived as well as alot of family.... I don't know. I told Kenny that especially during times like this, it makes me wish I lived closer to all of my family (which obviously would be impossible since I think all together with both sides, there are at least 6 states represented :-) ) Anyway, thank you all for your prayers.

As for staying tuned --- I am really hoping to get back on my more regular track of blogging. I know I have alot to catch up with Christmas, so maybe I'll just stick a bunch of pictures on a slide show and post them next time. I think over the last 2 months I've spent much more time with my sewing machine than my computer. I'm actually thinking about starting a craft blog with just stuff I'm making -- I always enjoying reading those. Of course, I'm having a hard time updating 1, so not sure how I would do 2. lol! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and New Years. Be prepared in the next couple days for unbelievable cuteness. :-)