Friday, August 29, 2008

So how do you......

..... find time to blog almost every day? I really wish I could, I'll sit down and look at blogs and be amazed that people have found time to write more often. I can't seem to do that, or maybe its because I just don't know what all to write about other than showing pictures of my girls, and then that means I have to download them, shrink them, load them, etc. I currently have some pics I need to upload and post. This past weekend we went camping in the mountains -- we had planned on camping at the beach, but due to "Fay", we got rained out. We had a great time though, spent one day at Tweetsie Railroad, where we found out our girls, yes BOTH of them are going to be daredevils. They rode on all the rides and LOVED the crazy ones like the Scrambler and the Tilt-a-Whirl (even that one was going so fast it ended up making me sick.) We also did some hiking, visited Linville Caverns, and were able to stop and go to my aunt and uncle's church on the way home. Again, I have to get the pictures for you. But that will have to wait until later, just thought I would mention that we are doing great, looking forward to the long weekend with Daddy, and are enjoying the cooler weather as we head into fall. Right now though, I have to go finish making bread, make pasta to freeze, and make some other homemade goodness for my family to enjoy. That is yet another thing that has been keeping me busy, trying to find ways that I can be more frugile and healthier. I'm actually excited about Seriously getting back to this. I figure I am no Proverbs 31 woman -- the part about rising while it is night cuts me from that list right away :) -- but I want to be better in providing for my family and the privilege God has given me. I have found a couple great sites to gleam some wisdom from and next week I'm taking a class at Whole Foods on Canning and Preserving food, but if any of you have any wisdom or sites you'd like to share, please do so, I'd love to hear them. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!!


steph said...

sounds like your days are spent doing a whole lot more profitable things than blogging! Canning? Seriously?? Besides I would never have dreamed of blogging when my kids were the age of yours. Oh yeah that's right, there wasn't even an internet back then! Now days, I have to kick my kids off Facebook for a turn at bloggng!

Debbie B said...

Share some of those sites if you get a chance.
I schedule posts when I think about something that way I don't have to worry about posting.

And I should be off the computer more so that I can help my family live more frugal.

hannah said...

hey there - so excited by the canning. we're doing loads up here in PA right now. here's a site i visit a lot: also, the ball blue book is the official 'bible' to food preservation, so i hear. have you dried anything? P & H love dried apples. they just never last long enough.

good to keep up with you!

hannah a.

wendy said...

I have a laptop, so I can take it with me to blog other places if I feel the need. My problem is trying to blog LESS. ;-) I think what you are doing is more important. ;-)

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet