Thursday, September 04, 2008


(Look at the determined look Isabella has in the above photo)

This year my parents apple tree had lots of apples. Its never had any before, or if it did they were tiny little ones not worth doing anything with. The tree came with the house so we don't even know for sure what kind of apples they are. Monday we all went out and picked some apples. The girls had so much fun picking the apples, climbing the ladder, watching daddy climb really high to get some apples and watch as the high apples fell when daddy shook the branches. Isabella was in love with the tiny little apple she has in her hands, she thinks anything tiny is "so cute" -- wish you could hear the little voice she says that in. Then Tuesday night my mom came up and we made and canned some applesauce. We had fun, and I think we've decided we're going to can everything in sight. Ok, not really, but we do want to hit the farmers market and get some things before the season is gone. That night we used what I think we figured out to be about a half bushel and made up 11 pints of chunky applesauce (I don't like it really runny, so we didn't add much water to cook the apples in.) The first half has no sugar in it at all (other than obviously the natural sugar of the apples) and some cinammon and a dash of nutmeg. The second batch had around 1/8 cup rapadura sweetener and the same spices. Yum! My girls ate the stuff we didn't can yesterday and then wanted more, now that means I'm actually going to have to open and use these pretty jars. :)
Isabella started a question yesterday with, "So when the customers come....." Glad she has given Noni and I a vote of confidence. :)


wendy said...

Great photos, as always. Your girls are adorable.

Could the apples be Galas? I'm no expert, just thought they kinda look like a gala.

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

Anonymous said...

Hello, secret agent here.... :o)

I love your new layout! And I agree with Isabella. Her apple is "so cute." That applesauce looks so yummy! Your picture is so inviting with all the jars lined up, and your wall paper in the background is so pretty. I love your kitchen.
So when can the customers come over for some apple goodness? :o) -That little girl says some of the funniest things!

DeAnna said...

Thanks for the compliments. No, they aren't Gala, although they do resemble them. I don't know apples, except I do know Gala -- those are our favorite and always in our fridge. :) These are a little more tart and they have more green than yellow on the outside. I looked it up and there are WAY too many types of apples.

And secret agent.... you're secret is safe with me, well at least until I post your true identity for all the world to see. :)

melva said...

I love the new layout!!!! And the pics of the girls are great!! I don't know apples either, I think the ones that we aren't for sure of are just called cooking apples :) And I don't like my applesauce runny either. Must run in the family!! :)

CandCFamily said...

Great pictures! That looked looks like it was a lot of fun!

Andrea said...

I love the new blog look, and the pictures of apple picking are fabulous. We had a blast on Saturday night.... talk to you soon!

Kathy said...

Look like Braeburn apples to me.

Debbie B said...

Amazing pictures. The girls are adorable. The applesauce looks delicious.