Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well, somebody enjoyed my bread

Shortly after I posted pictures of my day of bread baking. The above is what I found. The bread was still on the counter cooling (obviously it must have been cool enough) and it was helplessly attacked. Now before anyone is grossed out thinking we have mice (we don't), or really big cockroaches (I hope and pray not), or even that our cats have jumped on the counters and dug into my bread (they didn't, although the fat one has been known to grab onto a bag of bread while we are gone for a couple days, thinking surely we are not coming home and he is going to starve to death) --- No, this bread was ruined, I mean eaten, by a raccoon..... MY little Raccoon. Yeah, this one:
And just to keep it real, I will admit I couldn't post about this until today. Friday was one of those days, really one of those days, and I called my husband in tears over all the little frustrations like this one that had gone on that day. And to make it worse, he was supposed to do parking lot duty at our church for the HS football game, so I was expecting him to be home late. Well, praise the Lord for rain, very few fans came out to the game and my husband was able to come home and help me regain my sanity. And thankfully, I have this adorable picture to post of her, since I didn't take the time to take a picture of her standing in the corner. Isabella has informed me that she didn't want this part of the bread, so I guess for the next week, Amelia gets some crazy shaped sandwiches. But then again, she's my raccoon, and will eat anything!


melva said...

It looks as though the "raccoon" like your fat cat thought she was going to starve and decided since the bread was fresh and there on the counter, to just dig in!!! Casey will do that if I am cutting strawberries, she will eat them as fast as I can cut them and then I have to go get more to go on whatever I was fixing at the time.

steph said...

That's soooo funny! I can see her reaching up with her sweet baby hand and taking a hunk out of that loaf!
I'm gonna try and find you on Facebook. I have an account, but blog a whole lot more than facebook. I would love to connect with Kim. It has been years!

Shawnda said...

Hilarious! Do you remember this??

Michele said...

Oh no! :) I have a little "raccoon" like that too. I really have to watch where I leave things. The other day, she drank most of my cup of tea!