Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Chutters

Isabella and I are chutters, she tells me this on a daily basis. Lately, she's been telling me this more and also talking about wanting to be a mommy like me. Which is both the sweetest thing and also the most convicting thing -- wondering what kind of example I am being for her. This particular morning, she wanted to eat our brown rice farina (otherwise known to her as "hot cereal") in the exact same bowls, she wanted the same spoons, the same glasses and the same number of blueberries. She said "I want to be just like you mommy, cause we're chutters." I had to take a picture to remind me that she is most definitely watching everything I do and just to remember such a sweet little breakfast time. As we sat down, she tried to be as grown up as she could be and said in a quiet big girl voice "So.... how are you doing mommy?" Just like she hears me talking to my friends. Its just so sweet and I really do hope she always considers me her chutter. :)

**for those of you who are confused with the whole chutter thing, see this post

(And yes, I will continue to ignore that chutters is not a real word, its real to us. :) )


kelly said...

awww... :)

melva said...

So sweet!!!!!! I just love it!!

wendy said...

What a sweetheart!

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet