Wednesday, October 31, 2007

She remembers WAY too much

Over a year ago, Isabella's first (of many) fish died. I mentioned in this post that we had told her that her fish went to play with Nemo. I know, we're horrible parents for lying -- but she was pleased with that answer. Yesterday I heard Isabella yell "OH NO, MOMMY! I can't find Rexy-Keeko" (She named the fish, we had absolutely nothing to do with his name and aren't sure where she came up with it) I knew I had seen me a couple hours before so I told her he was probably just hiding behind the filter. "But I can't SEE HIM! Come here Mommy!" So I went and tapped on the back of the little tank and sure enough he came out from behind the filter. Isabella let out a huge sigh of relief and said "Whew, I thought he had gone back to Nemo" Oops, I guess kids remember things longer than you realize. :)


Loraena said...

That is HILARIOUS and very cute (but I'd probably be feeling guilty too). =)

Mandy said...

They do tend to remember waaaay too much and it will go on for years. My almost 12 year old step son remembers stuff from when he was that age and it just amazes me.

Your tagged!!

steph said...

Roxy-Keeko. well now that's interesting--- reminds me of one of Virginia's dolls named " Lysol" Maybe a testament to my immaculate housekeeping!

Goodlikeamedicine said...

Thanks for your very kind note that you sent via my site a few days ago. I really appreciate it!

I like your blog a lot and this story as well. We had something similar happen, only that our fish (little Betta from wal-mart) actually died. My husband and I were shocked that it took our kids almost 2 months to even notice!!! What in the world?!!! We had to tell them the truth, and surprisingly they were like, "Oh. Okay, let's go play!" Ha.