Thursday, October 04, 2007

Isabella's "Funnies"

I really wish I would type down everyday the things that Isabella says. The child cracks me up constantly, the only problem is that she pretty much never shuts up so I would have way too much to type. :) But I thought I would share a couple things from today. First, we were looking at a little toy catalog she got in the mail yesterday, we looked at this one toy yesterday and I explained to her what it was, then today she got the book out and again asked what it was.....
"What do you do with the monkey again"
"You hide it"
"And then what does the witch do?"
"What witch, there is no witch, just the little wand."
"And then you say "Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo" and wave the wand?"
"No, you hold the wand and it will beep when you get close to where the monkey is hiding?"
"And then we shoot the monkey?"
"What, NO, you just use the little wand to help you find him"
"And then we shoot him?"
"NO, we don't shoot monkeys!"
"Its just a pretend monkey mommy"

This is extra funny to me because I don't know where she gets this whole shooting thing from -- #1: she's a girl, she doesn't play with guns #2: I don't like anything about hunting and glad my hubby doesn't do it #3 and most importantly: We totally support Diego in his animal rescues :)

Also -- today is my parents Anniversary and the girls and I went to lunch with my mom and Isabella acted really bad (side note, don't know if any of you have heard or believe this but I heard somewhere that children act worse on rainy days due to the barometric pressure or something and its totally true for Isabella. She's always wild, but today she was just downright grumpy!) Anyway......
I said to her "Today is Noni and Papa's anniversary and you were supposed to be a sweet girl and tell Noni Happy Anniversary. Today is the day that they got married."



steph said...

Happy Anniversary to Noni and Papa! Give them my best wishes for many more happy years! This story reminds me of my Dad's 65th birthday when Leslie was furious w/ me for not letting her wear sffee shorts to the restaurant, and she pouted the entire time! After several trips to the bathroom I finally sent her to the car! Happy Birthday Dad!

Becky said...

lol...she is hilarious! Her and Emma will end up in some comedy club for sure!

PS tell your parents that I said, "Happy Anniversary and I really hope they get married this year!"

Searching said...

What cuties!!! I'm so glad you support Diego. ;) Your kiddos are just adorable.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. At least I'm only a Navy brat, I can't imagine being a MARINE brat! You have my pity. ;)