Friday, October 05, 2007

October Joy

I love fall, its my favorite season. I love seeing the leaves start to change, I love the weather getting a little cooler, I love the pumpkin patch, the apple farm, hayrides, football (yes I did say that - wish we actually could go to more games, its the one sport I do enjoy watching) Halloween, ur, I mean Harvest, Thanksgiving, jeans and sweaters, etc. etc. Just something about the smell of fall air makes me happy. I will admit though that lately I have been busy and felt somewhat overwhelmed. We have alot going on, we have something tonight, but tomorrow is probably our last free weekend for a long time, we have alot that we want to do, I've been doing a good bit of sewing for my girls, and now I've started doing more sewing for others (this is a good thing, because then it pays for the sewing for my girls. :) I really have felt terribly disorganized, which then makes me realize it is my fault that I'm disorganized and then I get overwhelmed with that guilty feeling...... Ok, maybe its not as bad as it sounds, but it definitely has been a matter of prayer for myself.
Just a couple weeks ago, Daddy got a "new to us" swing set for the girls and Isabella loves having her own "park". And it brings me joy to watch her, she really has the most infectious laughter and my heart just swells with joy to be able to share just simple times like this with her. And then I found this poem and it seemed to fit perfectly with things going on right now.

Time rushes by, yet simple joys remind us of what is truly important.

So, I still need to find a way to be better organize my time, but this is one of those Truly Important things, spending time with my girls and enjoying them. Time is definitely rushing by so quickly.


Becky said...

Beautiful Pictures!!!!! I love your quote! You are so right!

stephanie garcia said...

What great pictures! I love those dimples!!

The Barkers said...

How blessed you are to be able to stare at those dimples every day on such a sweet face! Great pictures!