Monday, January 15, 2007

New setting

Just thought I would mention that I have changed my settings when it comes to comments. I didn't do this because I've had any bad comments or anything, a few people have asked me if I would think about changing things so they could leave a comment even though they don't have an account so I am allowing anonymous comments, but I am now doing comment "moderation" where I view everything before it is posted. That way I can still "protect" things, but more people can comment if they want. Hopefully this all works. Thanks!!!


Amanda/Mayhem Mama said...

Hooray! You might get sick of comments from me soon... :)

Loved the pictures of Amelia with the cereal (and one cute little foot-- she must pull off her socks like my boys)!

DeAnna said...

How funny - I didn't even notice the one little exposed foot in that picture. Yes, she pulls off her socks and her shoes all the time. :)