Thursday, January 25, 2007

Birthday Party

I'm finally getting around to sharing pictures from Isabella's birthday and birthday party. Its probably a good thing that I've been busy this past week because if not I definitely would have had all those emotional posts I was talking about. Obviously, I had her birthday, then the 19th was the actual day we found out about Isabella and got pictures e-mailed to us, then their was the 22nd when we got out to California and held her for the first time..... I laugh that Isabella's going to dread it as she gets older having to say all week "Yes, Mom, I know what today is" :)

Last Thursday, on her birthday we took the girls to Sesame Street Live, even Amelia enjoyed it. I wish we were allowed to videotape in there because Amelia was dancing like crazy sitting on my mom's lap -- I was laughing so hard. Then afterwards we went out to eat and she got a birthday present. You can probably tell in the pictures that she loves it. It is a Wizard of Oz collectible that actually moves around, the witch will come out and start the scene from the movie, the legs with the slippers on it shrink under the house and then Dorothy's shoes light up red..... its really cute and she loves to watch it. All day Friday I kept hearing it and I was wondering how much of "I'll get you my pretty" I could take. Then the next pictures start with her birthday invitation -- since it was a princess party, I found little "glass"(like) slippers and I made little pillows and sent them out as the invitations (only had 2 to do, so it wasn't much work :) Then you can see the decorations, cake, etc. It was fun doing a girly party. I think it looked cute and Isabella loved having a princess party and getting to dress up in a princess dress and crown. She actually loved being the center of attention. When I asked her if she wanted to go blow out her candles she said "Yes - and everyone sing Happy Birthday to me!" Although I didn't take a picture of it, we played "kiss" the frog prince (like pin the tail on the donkey, but with lips for a frog) and we also made a little craft -- which Isabella is holding hers up in one picture. The kids all had fun playing in the castle. Of course, I had somehow imagined that the girls would come in and put their little princess dress up stuff on that we got them, but no such luck they just wanted to play. My nephew Garrett did enjoy his "knights sword" though so I guess he kind of dressed up. Isabella also got a little dress up set from my parents that was Dorothy and Glenda the good witch. She had to put them on that night and in the one picture of her as "Glenda", she's saying "There's no place like home". The last few pictures are of Isabella in some new PJs that she got from a friend of my mom's. They're her "princess" pajamas. I asked her to stand by the castle and let me take a picture of her in them and she said she wanted to be the "bad lady" so that's what the ferocious pictures are from. :) Then she and I had some girly time together and painted each others nails -- -yes she painted mine, with me just steadying her hand or it would have been all over my hands. And of course I had to throw in a picture of Amelia, she likes to climb in the castle as well, she just tries to climb out of the windows. Isabella is now wondering when her birthday is again.... it's going to be a long year! :)


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a pretty little princess. And what a cool princess party. The chair, the slipper, everything. I bet she LOVED it!

Sesame Street looks fun too. I'm glad they both enjoyed it.

Shawnda said...

I couldn't figure out the pics :( But sounds like a GREAT day!!! : ) Samuel still asks me if it's his birthday, and that was almost 6 mo ago! And every time somebody asks how old he is....he says, "I'm 3, I had my tractor cake!" : ) So, what a day it'll be for both of them when we can finally say "YES!!! It IS your birthday!" : )

NikNak said...

DeAnna...what a cute, cute party! Great job! I love the mushy stories...keep'um coming.


Becky said...

Where do I even begin!!? Those are the most adorable pictures!!! I loved the one of Isabella looking at her little Wizard of Oz precious! Everything was so beautiful and "princessy." I loved how you had it decorated, and the best idea was your "invitations." How cute!!! It came out far better than I imagined! Now, on to the birthday girl herself! I'm telling you, I can't even begin to understand how so much cuteness is wrapped up in one little girl but she certainly has "the whole princess package" going on. :o) I loved her dress! (Wait till Mikey sees his woman!) And Amelia, with that little face poking out of the princess castle is so adorable! Pretty soon, it will be her turn! I can't even believe she's going to be one!

Becky said...

One more thing....I want pajamas like Isabella! :o)

DeAnna said...

Becky - If I could look as cute in thos PJs as Isabella, I would so buy some for myself as well. :) It would have been so much fun if your little princesses could have been there and Mikey would have been Isabella's prince charming. :)

melva said...

It looks like a fun party!! I loved the pics of the girls. I like the one of Isabella surprised face opening her gift. So precious. And Amelia is growing so fast.
I have the same material you used for the pillow and last year for Casey's party I made her a crown pillow for everyone at her party to sign. That way she would have a momento from her party. This year we are doing The Little Mermaid. So we get to do some fun stuff to look like the sea.

Michelle said...

Absolutely adorable! This theme really worked out great didn't it? the decorations were awsome and that cake turned out beautifully! Looks like she had a blast being the princess!

The Barkers said...

Your mom passed your blog link along to me this morning. I have had fun looking through all of your posts, from the beginning! (Some I barely skimmed through) Your girls are just so gorgeous! I can't believe how much Amelia has changed since July when I saw you. I shed some tears reading your letter to Isabelle. Thanks for sharing your heart and experiences. Its been fun and encouraging to read.
My sister, Andrea, and I made the same castle cake for her little girl Emma when she was 3. We had so much fun doing it.
I also started a blog for Jonas shortly after his birth. I hope you have time to check it out and see our little guy.
Sarah Barker