Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wish we all could wake up this happy

This was Amelia's first full night in the crib --- no not due to her, I've actually been blessed with her sleeping through the night for quite some time now (sorry don't hate me.) She actually sleeps at least 12 hours now, she's a lazy little booger, but it may explain this content little grin on her face when she does wake up. She turned 3 months old yesterday and as much as I've been trying to delay it, I finally had to move her over to her crib instead of in the bassinett. I love having her sleep right next to my bed, but I know it had to happen sooner or later. :( Isabella was such a little baby that I kept her in our room until she was almost 6 months --- but that could explain why she got so used to mommy and daddy's room and still sneaks in right before daddy gets up for work. All I know is Amelia is the only one that doesn't have bedhead in the morning --- at least not yet.


kelly said...

...and she hasn't even had her coffee yet :)

I wish I could wake up like that.

How are you?

DeAnna said...

I know!! She's laying there with an empty belly and a full diaper, yet it doesn't stop that smile. :)

Shawnda said...

Oh my goodness, she is absolutely precious - I just want to snag her up and cuddle with her!! LOVE those pics!

amt said...

how beautiful! i love seeing "babies" when they first wake up in the morning - it has to be one of the most precious times of the day. =)