Monday, June 05, 2006

Sugar and Spice???

No picture for this one, but I thought little girls were supposed to be all ribbons, curls, dresses, bows...... you know all the girly stuff. Now, my Isabella can be a real girly girl - loves the "toe makeup" as she calls it and going shopping, but I had to share with you the little conversation we just had. She came running into the room yelling "Cucky Bug! Cucky Bug", then she came over to me and stuck her finger in my face and sure enough, there was a squished yucky ant on her finger.
(Bella:)"Want it mommy?!"
(Me:) "No, I don't want it. Yuck! Go throw it away!"
She started running off, turned around to me with one of her silly faces (those of you who know her well probably can picture this in your mind), opens her mouth, puts her finger up and says "Eat it, mommy?!"
(Me:)"NO, don't eat it!"
(Bella:) "Gwoss, mommy, Gwoss?"
(Me:) "Yes, baby, its gross"
........And I thought I wouldn't have to deal with this with little girls.

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