Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Daddy Moment

A Precious Moment

I watched you today
As you shared a moment
The two I love most
In the whole wide world-
My husband, love of my life
And our precious baby girl!
I pray that you will always
have the bond
That you share today
And the joy you share
in each other
Will never fade away.
May your daddy always be your hero
For he is my hero too
And each day
We thank our Father
For the precious gift of you!

I guess, you've probably noticed by now I like poems, lyrics, etc. Call it the "scrapbooker" in me. I used this poem for a scrapbook page for Isabella with Kenny when she was a baby and I thought it would be cute with this picture too. (Of course, I can no longer say the 2 I love the most since I have 2 precious baby girls) There's something about watching your husband with your kids..... Anyway, this was at the beach and as you can tell its a picture of Kenny and Amelia in the mirror. She was so cute looking at Daddy and grinning at him. My girls are so blessed to have a such a wonderful daddy!!

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