Monday, June 26, 2006

This can't be good

Yes folks, I think we have a little thumb sucker. We try to replace it with the passy, but when she wants the thumb that's the only thing that will do. We had a feeling this was coming, she has always had a tendency of sticking her fingers, thumb, or entire hand in her mouth, but we were hoping it was just an "accident" -- now we know. She also seems to like to hold onto a little blanket too so I made her a little soft taggy blanket. Sure its cute NOW to see her sucking her thumb and holding a little security blanket, but hows this going to work in a couple years. Isabella was a passy girl, but gave it up relatively easy at 18 months. You can take a passy away from them, but I might have a problem now. I guess I'll enjoy its cuteness now and then I'll be asking for advice in another 18 months. :)

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