Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'll be posting some pics later, but I had to share a little "conversation" Isabella and I had. One of my many faults and shortcomings is that I have not been careful enough around Isabella and have taught her the word "crap". Not purposely, but still she had started saying it when something bad happened, like she dropped her toy and would say "Oh crap" (Actually Oh cwap - which made it kind of hard not to laugh). As unattractive as it is, it may not seem like the worst word in the world, but its amazing how certain things sound 10 times worse coming out of the mouth of a child. We have since been trying harder to watch what we say knowing she is going to repeat anything she hears. We had also told her that was an ugly word and we didn't want her to say it --- kind of hard scolding her for saying something she learned from us. Anyway - now to the conversation. My mom and I took the girls shopping last night and on the way home, this is how it went. (Isabella must have dropped something, spilled some water on her or something)
Isabella: OH MAN! (quieter:) Ohhh man!
(The second quieter one made me realize her little mind was thinking....)
Isabella: Time out for Oh cwap mommy?
Me: Yes, you get a time out for saying that.
Isabella: Yeah, time out for Oh cwap.
Me: Yes baby, don't say that it's a very ugly word
Isabella: Oh crab!
Me: Isabella....
Isabella: Oh CRAB mommy CRAB!
(By now, my mom was having a very hard time covering her laughter)
Me: Isabella, that's still..... don't say........ (then talking to my mom) How am I supposed to teach a 2 year old about euphemisms?!?!

How does she come up with these things..... she's only 2!!! This can't be normal!

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Overwhelmed! said...

Too funny! My husband was just chastising me the other day for saying "crap" around our son. :)

At 18 months, our son is in the "imitating" stage!