Saturday, April 04, 2009

Where have I been?

Wow, I know I'm not the best blogger, but a whole month?! I still hadn't even shown you more Disney pictures, now I'm so far behind I don't know how I will catch up. :) The weekend after we had our "blizzard" here it was actually warm and beautiful, so for probably the next week I spent most of my time outside with the girls. I commented to Kenny that week that I felt bad he was slaving away at work while I was forgoing my household duties to enjoy the beautiful weather. The girls and I would play outside, have our lunch as a picnic outside and then they would continue to play as I worked on my ankle and farmers tan sitting and reading a book.... awww, spring! Then the next week it hit me that Amelia's birthday was the 21st and I hadn't really started planning. I knew we were going to do a T party, Teddy Bears, Tiaras, and Tea.... or as we also called it a Teddy Bear Dress Up Tea Party, 3 things that my 3 year old loves! So I kicked it into high gear to sew her an outfit, make the invitations, plan out the decorations and menu, make little bags for tea sets to give away....... I now realize why so many people opt for a party away from home, Isabella's ice skating party was much easier on me. :) We had a blast though and I will DEFINITELY be posting pictures in the next couple days. Then right after the party, I had 2 days to somewhat clean up and prepare for my cousin Alyssa to come in. She came down a few days early and then on the weekend we went to a ladies conference, which was SO good. THEN she left on Sunday and Monday I spent the day doing laundry and packing to go to the beach with my girls and my mom.... and we just got back last night at 10:30. So I really have been pretty much gone from my computer for a month. I have been slacking on m blogging, on facebook and if I had any emails to return I would have been slacking on them. I would be uploading pictures right now, but once again we've spent some time outside working on the yard -- ok, so Kenny is doing the work and I'm mostly supervising. :) And in just a little bit we are going to go downtown and enjoy the rest of the day as a family. I will be back though, I promise, April won't be nearly as busy for me..... or so I think. :)


Becky said...

Disney world, picnics, birthday parties, playing with your girls, family togetherness is the best kind of "busy." I've missed seeing your pictures. Can't wait to see Amelia in her "poofy, fru-fru." :o)

Looking forward to catching up on the phone this week.

steph said...

I have missed your posts! glad your back!