Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick overdue ending to Disney pics

Who cares that its been almost 2 months since Disney..... I still wanted you guys to see more of the pictures, but I didn't feel like uploading them all on here so I'm attaching a Flickr slide show so you can see them if you want, and ignore them if you just don't care. I won't care either way, I am still living in the post Disney days, still "riding" the rides every day and wishing we were still there. And by riding the rides, I mean the girls like to pretend we are riding the rides..... very cute at first..... two months later its a little depressing. And every day is not an exaggeration at all, literally, .....ask my husband, ......or my mom (Amelia would ask me to "pretend we're at Disney" in the car, or the lazy river at the beach) Just last night we were riding several rides as we were swinging on the swings. She misses it as much as I do. She also asked if we could go back, and then provided me with 2 pennies out of "Sissy's" purse to help with the cost.

Wednesday at Disney, my parents came and joined us for a couple days. The girls had no idea and we just told them we needed to go meet some friends at the front of the park. They were pretty excited when they saw it was Papa and Noni. Papa then had to carry both of them around and Amelia quickly cuddled in and took her first nap of the week. :) That afternoon we did Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Isabella and she loved this. Really, what girl doesn't like getting pampered? Amelia was too young, but we brought her a princess dress, put her hair up and Isabella helped put some makeup on her and she was just thrilled that mommy let her wear a dress up dress in public. The next morning we went to breakfast with characters at the Animal Kingdom, and no, I don't normally let my girls eat cupcakes for breakfast. We were celebrating Isabella's Gotcha Day while we were there and the lady at the Animal Kingdom was the only one that noticed that and made a big deal about it. If you have your birthday, anniversary, etc there they bring you cupcakes or something, but no one really thought much of the Gotcha Day, but the lady at the Tusker House had adopted, so she knew what a special time it is to celebrate. In the pictures, Isabella was very concerned that Goofy blew out her candle .... she's still bitter. Oh and another funny thing at Animal Kingdom, my girls don't know ALL of the Disney characters, actually alot of them they didn't, but still got their picture with. Jimminy Cricket was one of these, when Isabella saw him she asked Kenny "Is that Cricket on the Hearth?" I am laughing as I type this, because I'm sure most of you have no idea who that is, but it was a horrible Christmas cartoon we watched this year that Isabella for some reason loved. (Actually a story by Charles Dickens, but hopefully better than the cartoon) I think she would have been happier if Daddy had told her yes. :) I am going to post one picture here that makes me laugh so hard. We went to Hollywood Studios, not our favorite park, but loved the Sci Fi Theatre. Outside the restaurant there was a "Scary" billboard --- trying to convince onlookers that the movies inside are scary. I told my girls to give me a scary face and this is what Amelia did:

Everyone around us was cracking up.
Isabella did get to march around with the High School Musical show, but for some reason I haven't uploaded those pictures, hmmm, I will have to look for them. She wasn't overly impressed because it wasn't the characters of HSM. When she saw them singing she said "Where's high school musical?" I said "This is it" She said "No its not......... Oh, I think its the Jonas Brothers." WHAT? How does she even know who the Jonas Brothers are? Do I already have to start searching her bedroom for music she's hiding from me? HA :) The very best part of Hollywood Studios was Fantasmic -- amazing! I'd go back to the park just for that. And for my girls, half the fun was doing the wave with the crowd waiting for the show to start. I guess we've really sheltered them, this was their first time doing the wave.... their excitement in the pictures speaks for themselves. Saturday was Valentine's Day and our last day at a park, sniff, sniff. We just enjoyed every last minute of it, went to dinner with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet -- but not Rabbit, which Isabella was slightly disappointed about; then ended the night and our time there with the Spectro Magic Parade. Just perfect!


melva said...

Better late than never on the pics. I love the one of Amelia and Larry, it is soo sweet. And looking at the pics of Isabella in the bibbidy bobbidy boutique, that her hair was so long. I guess when you straighten it, it is a lot longer than it looks. They look like they had a wonderful time.
When are you going to post some pics of Amelia's bday tea party?

carol schneider said...

just wanted youto know idropped by and bookmarked your blog :-)