Friday, April 17, 2009

Amelia's cursing problem

Amelia isn't the clearest talker and has a few words that end up sounding like a particular cuss word. It first started when she was singing this little kids song..... "Before I split, split, split I chill....... I say Father have your will." But then last night we had fish for dinner and she asked me "Mommy is that ______?" a couple times and finally I could get around to answering "Yes honey, its FISH" Then Isabella would say "Yum, this is good chicken mommy" and Amelia would correct her and tell her that it wasn't chicken and what it was.

And what is it about parents like us that find this absolutely hysterical. I mean if she really said one, I'd be mortified. Do you remember 3 years ago when Isabella kept saying "Oh crap!" and I was to blame..... This is different, Amelia has no idea what she is saying. She has no idea why mommy and daddy can't stop laughing. She thinks its her silly faces.She has no idea why mommy makes her call daddy and leave a message screaming "I love fish" or why she has to call Auntie Becky and tell her. Oh no, I think she might have just figured it out. And now that she knows what she's saying she wasn't too pleased that we ate that for dinner.

I'm just glad she didn't scream it out at the acquarium a couple weeks ago.

(Sorry if I've offended anyone, I have a very strange sense of humor. :)


Becky said...

LOL! I love this post! And I love the pictures, too! I was telling someone today about this story, and I was laughing hysterically all over again. I think what makes it extra funny is
1. her complete innocence.
2. the fact that THE WORD fits nicely into her sentences. -lol

Sweet Patience said...

This was absolutely funny!

steph said...

Leslie unfortunately said a "real live" cuss word in the car and wayne nearly drove off the road. He then glared at me and said "where did she hear that?" Come on! Are you for real?? Me, I guess since I pepper my laguage with obsenities all the time. :)Turns out it was the neighbor girl.
Leslie and daddy had a long talk about words that Jesus likes and words tht make Him sad. She was bawling saying "But I love JESUS!"
We still remind her of her 3 year old profanity :)