Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New favorite pastime

Don't look at the "artistic" qualities of these pictures, because there is none. These were taken from inside my house looking out the patio doors - if I open them, the birds then fly away.
Recently, this is mine and Isabella's newest favorite pastime -- bird watching. Well, at least in our backyard. We had one bird feeder back there, which we forgot about for the past couple years and this year Isabella wanted to see birds, so we decided to fill it as well as get another one. We hung them on a pole thinking the squirrels couldn't get to it, but those little boogers are horrible and would climb up the thin little pole and would eat the food (as well as part of the bird feeder) After a recommendation from my aunt, we then got another favorite past time which was watching the squirrels, jump, then slide down the vaselined pole. Oh, how I wish I could have gotten some video of that. We had lots of laughs at that. Anyway, we then went and got a finch feeder, which is not attractive, looks like a big white sock, but it said it would attract finches to our yard -- and amazingly it has, I had never seen a finch in our backyard before, but now we've seen several, such as the goldfinch and house finch in the pictures above. We also see lots of cardinals, wrens, bluejays, robins and today a black bird and a pigeon (whom Isabella named snow cone) The past couple days we've seen a little gray and black bird in the backyard so I decided to look up bird "websites" with Isabella so we could try to find out what kind of birds we might see. When I opened one website, Isabella saw a picture and let out a little gasp and said "Do you think we will have EAGLES come to our bird feeders? Papa LOVES eagles" :) I'm thinking we'll just stick to our finches. I think she agrees now, since I told her that Eagles don't like bird seed, they like to eat fish and little animals. She then gasped in horror and said "Do you think they will eat Tucker?" Tucker is our 100+ pound black labrador, so I think he's safe from the Eagles. We're now trying to convince Daddy we need a hummingbird feeder, we asked him last night and he said "How many birdfeeders do you crazy women need?" Surely he can't resist our charms for a $5 birdfeeder for long though. :) Anyway, thought you'd enjoy my silly little girl. We sure have fun creating new hobbies together.

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mayhem said...

That's so cool!

I'm from Minnesota and my family all loves bird watching! (Crazy fanatic bird watchers in Minnesota, let me tell you!)