Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. We had a reall nice time both days. On Saturday, we got together with my parents and my brother's family and started the day off watching Tyler race in a Soap Box Derby.

We watched him a few times, but it was SOOO hot and when you start seeing your already brown little girls cheeks start turning red, you know its too hot for them to just sit in the sun. So, we were right next to a park, so Kenny and I took the other 4 kids down to ride on the train and then play at the park, while the others continued to watch Tyler. The kids loved the train -- although Amelia doesn't look like it, she was having fun and was squealing part of the way. She is now going through the lovely stage of putting her head down or looking away when mommy says "Look at the camera" (Stubborn little booger!) Isabella and Garrett are such good buddies (I have a cuter picture of them on the train, but must not have downloaded it) and loved riding together, Kenny got some Daddy time with Amelia, and Olivia and I got to bring up the rear with our extra cuteness--- ok her cuteness, my rear. :)

Then we had planned on cooking out at another park, but really it was just that hot, so we opted to go back to Mike and Meredith's and we ate there and the kids had fun playing. I love this picture of the girls in the back of Mike's Scout
And here are my sweet girls.... although the picture is blurry. :(
Afterwards we went to a small fair and rode a few rides and Kenny and I learned a couple things:

1. Isabella is going to be our daredevil when it comes to rides, she was asking to go on some that she wouldn't have been allowed to ride on and even the one she and I rode on, spun around pretty fast and she wanted to have us spin our heart seat (you can spin it like you would the teacup ride) as well.
2. The older we get, the easier our equilibrium or something gets messed up. Kenny has always had a problem with spinning around in circles (like on a merry go round), but he rode with Tyler on this one that took you up and you went upside down and he was a little green after he was done. I, have never had a problem with the spinny rides, love them! and while Isabella and I were spinning around, I was ok, but when she said she wanted to spin our "seat" as well, I got a little funky feeling. I just convinced her we were spinning. :) And then when we got off, I was dizzy for a little while. Really, we're not that old..... I thought this wasn't supposed to happen for YEARS. I wasn't green though, so I WILL try again. :)
Amelia on the other hand, screamed and would not even ride this ride with Olivia -- even with mommy holding onto her. Looks scary though doesn't it......... :)

And here's Papa with all the grands... Its late, so I'll post a couple pics from Sunday tomorrow. Just wanted to say we had a great day on Saturday celebrating Fathers Day with my dad. And I'm so thankful for the Godly father I have, as well as Papa for my girls. I know it is a blessing to have a dad who loves the Lord, whom we get to spend time with and who my girls just adore!


Shawnda said...

wow! What a fun weekend!!! : ) Amelia looks like she's hot in a couple of those pics - you can tell she was playing hard!! : ) So fun!

mayhem said...

I can picture Isabella being your daredevil. All the kids look like they're having so much fun! I enjoyed seeing some pictures of you, too, lately! Sometimes the mom tends to have the camera so there aren't many pictures of them. I'm glad you turned the camera on yourself a bit!

Loraena said...

LOVE the pics of the kids in the scout. =) So cute! I don't do well at amusement parks anymore, either. Last time I went on roller coasters it made my neck hurt for a long time. sad but true (and I'm not even 30 yet!)

Becky said...

What beautiful pictures! -full of color and full of fun! I love the girls' outfits! Amelia is looking so grown up to me! Is she taller than Isabella now?

stephanie garcia said...

Great pictures! Wow, Amelia is getting so big - she is losing her baby face! And Isabella's hair looks so long! They are both gorgeous.