Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Here's what I had the girls do for Daddy for Fathers Day:

I think have 2 great little future artists. :) Isabella picked out the colors of paint for them to use (which is funny since she mixed hers together to make the gray background) and I gave them some sequins, the little gems and the little sayings from my scrapbooking stuff, but they put it all together by themselves. Although, I think if I would have let Amelia continue, she would still be painting. She didn't want to stop. :)

After church Sunday morning, we grabbed something to eat and then headed out to the lake. It was the first time we had taken both girls out in the kayak. We had so much fun. We didn't get a great deal of actual kayaking in since Isabella kept asking to go swimming. So we went for a little while and then pulled into a little cove and had fun swimming, fishing (we forgot Isabella's fishing rod, but our little lucky charm "happened" to find one on the shore) and climbing the rocks. This is probably the only lake in the area that I actually enjoy swimming in (again, I like to see my feet :) It was a beautiful day and a great time together as a family. It was also special for me because Kenny and I used to go kayaking a good bit before the girls and this was one of our favorite places, we would love to just see all God's creation, enjoy our time together, and talk about different things. I know we had plenty of talks about "One day, if the Lord blesses us with kids, we can bring them here..." etc. So to be in the kayak with him and now our 2 precious girls, made it extra special for me. All the glory belongs to God!

I thought I would let the girls write letters to Daddy for Fathers Day. This is what Isabella dictated to me (I will admit, she might have said something about you taking her places and buying her things a couple more times :)

Dear Daddy, I love you! I love you really much, .... this big! And you are really sweet to me. Thank you for building me things and buying me stuff. Thank you for sharing things with me. Thank you for bringing us to the lake, and when you bring me to gymnastics. And Thank You Daddy for all your givings to me. And for taking me to lunch and to the sports and to the pet store. I like you to take me places in your truck. Thank you for playing with me really much. Thank you for all the work you do at your work. Thank you for letting me sleep with you all the time (LOL!! I think she is trying to weasle her way into sleeping with us Honey. :) Happy Fathers Day to you Daddy. And I want to sing a song to you now. "Happy Fathers Day, Happy Fathers Day, Happy Faaaaattttthers, Happy Faaaaaathers,..... Happy Fathers, Happy Fathers, Happy Faaaaathers Day, Happy Faaathers, Happppy Fathers Day to you Daddy...... (she's still singing....... now she's marching, now she's dancing and adding hand motions......) Happy Fathers, Happy Fathers, Happy Fathers, I love you, Happy Fathers, Happy Fathers DAYYYYYYYYY! " (This has gone from the Happy Birthday tune, to Oh My Darling, and it is still going although I've stopped typing. She has now slowed it down and is doing ballet to it. )

I love you! You're the best daddy in the whole world. Isabella
Wish I could have taped that one, she's so cute singing Happy "Fotters" Day,

(What just happened: "Amelia, do you want to tell Daddy anything...." "Nah, go poo poo" And she goes running through the room. Me: "What?!" And then I get to go looking around for her diaper and praying she already didn't have some in it, because thats her new thing to take her diaper off AFTER she's gone potty in it.... gotta figure out how I can catch this child BEFORE and get her to be potty trained.)

Dada, Wuv Dada (Love Dada) , Du, do, diddy, DADA, (?? Dada) UH, sissy, Da Da, Wha Tha? (UH, Sissy, Dada, What's That?) And off she goes to figure out what "That" is. I think what she was meaning to say was I love you Dada and you're the best daddy ever!!! :) Amelia

Isabella decided to add more: Daddy, I love you really much. Thank you for taking me to Mighty Moo. I know you get gas in the car. (??) I'll draw a cross for you (and she just did) I love you!

And I love you too honey, for all the things that were on your card and so many more. Watching you with our girls and the daddy you are to them, just makes me love you even more!

Oh, and she's still singing. :)


Becky said...

Lol, lol...those girls are too funny! I love the "Nah, go poo-poo." Isabella is so animated. I'm sure there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't make you laugh. Too cute!

Loraena said...

I LOVE the artwork - you are so creative!

melva said...

I think that the girls were so sweet. Especially Isabella, it is obvious she loves her daddy. It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend. And thanks for your prayers for Cody(he hasn't called since the Tuesday after he left) So continue to pray that he is okay. Love you guys, and God Bless!

Andrea said...

The pics are great! I love the expression on Amelia's face when she was painting. Priceless! She was concentrating for her Daddy! Hope y'all had a good trip!